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Want to adopt. Where do I start

M husband and I have been through 4 rounds of IVF and have not been successful.  We are now considering adoption.  However, there are so many agencies out there and I really don't know which ones are legit or just want to break our bank account.  I just am looking for some guidance from someone who has been through the process.  Thank you so much for you time.  
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I'd suggest using the services of an attorney who specializes in adoption.  They know the good agencies and can shepherd you through the process.  Saves a ton of heartache.
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Hi, this may or may not be what your wanting but there is always the foster parent to adoption

We weren't looking to adopt but initially we were given a baby girl to foster and it turned into adoption.
No money out of pocket....for us it was a very positive process.

The main difference is that you don't get to pick which child you will get. For us we had the opportunity to initially put what type child we were wanting to foster parent.

Hope this helps some and good luck to you both
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I am a birth mother so I am not sure what its like on the other side of the adoptiin process, but I can tell you that the agency I chose to work with has lots of good feedback from adoptive families that I've seen. Its Adoption Alliance in San Antonio, TX and I think there is one in Nevada too. Good Luck to you!

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