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I am a former foster child who has been adopted several years ago and was told that there was a site where at the age of eighteen a child can register there name so that their family members can find them does anyone know what this site is? this question is for anyone who works for the Department of Children and Families?
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My first reply was not posted..  Our organization All Kids count is building a sit for children, or family members involved with child protective services who have lost touch with children or children who have lost touch with family members.  Although it is not complete we do try to locate by other means.  
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International Soundex Reunion Registry


By Mail:  
P.O. Box 371179
Las Vegas, NV 89137

By Phone:
(775) 882-7755 or 888-886-ISRR

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As a Birth Mother waiting day by day for my little girl to turn 18. I used an adoption agency for the open adoption, not only was I young but American Indian so for me it was difficult in many ways. (I know this doesn't pertain to you) However I posted on Facebook the name of my little girl the date of her birth along with the adoptive parents. I had that information post for many years until recently a cousin of hers (cousin on the adoption parents side) contacted me about my girl whom was about to turn 18.

I waited 18 years and 3 months and I received the call I had been waiting for every day hoping that she would call me.

My suggestion to you as a birth mother; please if you are of age, post your information, your parents information or any info you have about your birth family to help you find your family. I posted on facebook, bebo, myspace and my yahoo account.

Good luck to your findings, a happy birth mother.
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