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do anyone know about private adoption

My husband and I desperately want to adopt a newborn, I can't
Conceive and we have so much love to give. We have been scammed
Before, We just wanted to know if private adoption a good way
For us to proceed. And how would we know in the future when someone
Email us it's legit.
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Talk to an adoption attorney, they will have all the answers you need and also will know about what safeguards to put into place.  There is just no way around it, you have to have professional help.
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i honestly think you should go through the foster kids programs, there are actually many new born babies who need adoption, look in utah as well i have placed four babies up for adoption and went thru an agency in utah they unfortunately closed, but Utah is the most friendly adoption state try there
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Hi im 5months pregnant and im thinking abwt aboution but im scared,i hav 2kids my uncle kicks me out of the house when i was pregnant the second one,im homeless i can't raise another child,plz help
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