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24 hr urine results

husband has had low cortisol but works nights so dr does not think it is low because days and nights reversed although has ordered cortisol 1 hour after he wakes.  AM ccrtisol has been between 1 and 5, below range low of 6.7.  although cortisol stimulated to 13.7.  Dr ordered 24 hour urine for catecholamines in July and December. both times epinephrine NE <5 &<6 below clinical reportable range.  In July he said first test was incomplete but looked normal but ordered again  all other parts of both test are normal.  husband is very anxious. I also asked about his anaphylaxis to wheat that came on when he was 56. It happened four times before we found the cause. He said that was strange. other problems he found was hypothyroidism and low free testosterone. Other testosterone good. Plus he has high cholesterol which is not lowering with meds.  I heard this also can be contributed to low adrenals.  can anyone tell me what the low epinephrine means on the test?  dr takes forever to get back to you. Also any other thoughts
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I would listen to your symptoms and actually think he has the opposite of low - but high cortisol aka Cushing's syndrome.

That fits more with no sleeping, high blood pressure low T and elevated cholesterol not controlled by meds. I have friends exactly like that. Anxiety is typical.

Cortisol normally changes during the 24 hour day. It wakes you up and puts you to sleep. So it can be super low and then higher - but with the shift work the doctor has to test him at the proper times to catch the right times for your husband. Just the fact that at 1 hour after he wakens he is low shows he has a loss of diurnal rhythm - and I had that with my Cushing's. I had low days and high nights - it made my life pure hades.

You need to get the doctor to test ACTH and cortisol - and probably saliva testing would work for your husband so he can test at different times to catch the highs. I would also check out renin and aldosterone - those play a part in blood pressure.

I know I got really weird things with mine - including a bleeding disorder and my immune system just went away and I was sick all the time. Everyone is different - some people get soft bones, some sick, some crazy...
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To add to above and the confusion
Persistent low grade fever over 6 months 99.1 to 100.9 now is still ther but sometimes normal and sometimes in 97,s
MRI pituitary
Sodium high 147 July 140 Jan
BP good pulse good
do not see ACTH
MCH high on CBC all 3times tested
alk Phos low on met panel all 3times tested last year
Testosterone free and bioavailable low total testosterone 500

Funny when you feel pretty much okay but anxious and tired.  Fever drives him crazy but never feels feverish
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