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Adrenal Insufficiency. Need Help!!!

Hi, my name is Max and I have 25 years. In 2005, I got sick very hard and doctors for years could not diagnose me. I was diagnosed only after 9 years, it turned out that it neuroborreliosis, Bartonellosis or tick-borne diseases. Neroborelioza etc. caused me apart from the terrible physical pain, enormous changes in the psychological (anxiety, fear, depression). Around 2010 by these diseases began to have typical symptoms of fatigue, adrenal: weight gain, the demand for sweets salt, sleep problems, night I could not sleep and get up in the morning, etc. In phase 2-3 only I had elevated cortisol and all studies in the standard as it is known in the diagnosis of adrenal hormones is. Of course for doctors it was okay and no one told me then that I weaken the adrenal glands. Naturally cure in neuroborreliosis (which I had no idea) it would be impossible but could even take supplements or herbs adaptogens that lower hormones and play the so-called time. In 2014, already I started to lose weight terribly, losing strength terrible feel the cold, sweat August non-stop and urinate terribly often, varicose veins and pale complexion cold feet and hands, etc. (typical adrenal burnout) .In December 2014 diagnosed neuroborreliosis me, and I started treatment Bartonellosis herbs and antibiotics. The treatment for several months destroyed my adrenal glands. I’m so weak and dehydrated, it is difficult to perform my core activities. We know that doctors do not have help because as you know is detectable only Addisson (normal renal cortex adrenal detects isolated cases). Even my kidneys began to fail me drainage and me ache. I’m too weak kidneys plus supplementation to huge doses of vitamins, salt and eat plenty of protein. Does my state can do to help, I mean if there are any herbs that increase hormones and restrain drainage (as does aldosterone) without harming the kidneys? Are there any you can recommend me a single or a mixture of herbs? Not only those on the phase of weight gain because they reduce the hormones and worsen condition.Bo I’m already sick of these torments so many years of tick borne diseases and now inefficient adrenals. I would have the strength after some herbs and normally as live. Thank you to all who will write and post something advise, help, herb some in this difficult situation my. I greet and wish you all good health and stamina!
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So I can't figure out if you have Addison or Cushing's, but I have had both and either way, I wish it could be treated with a tea or herb... But I have not found it.
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