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Adrenal insufficiency or/and addisons.

What is the difference between adrenal insufficienicy and addison if there is a difference?

I been basicly diagnoised with Adrenal exhaustion/fatiuge. I suffer from Anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, and I been having lots of trouble with high heart(tachicardia) with no aparent serious heart problem. I been having issues with not sweating much till recently when I started drinking sports drink with patassium and sodium, today my heart rate was more normal 109 instead of 145 in the heat sitting this time I was dripping with sweat. I first notice less sweat when I started using the gym last year, everyone around me was sweating and I was barly sweating but I was loosing weight so people told me not to think about it basicly. I sprained my ankle not long after starting to use the gym, but I was determined to create a habbit of going so I kept going doing upper body and when I was ok I used the pool, since then I have been sick with several illnesses, 2 serious asthma and I normally only have mild sport asthma controlled with meds, and strange simple infection that normally go away on there own but needed anti-botics to get over them like a infected finger after getting a manicure and fake nails. I finally got well about a month ago but then I started feeling intence fatiuge during light exercise like walking and intence pain as well, my restless leg syndrome got intence and frequent and over the counter meds did little to subside the pain. I talk to my dr but I could not seem to get her to take me serious. Then a heat wave acured and I was going to the gym but using the pool to exercise in stead but when i started feeling like low blood suger I got out thinking I needed to eat and by the time I got dressed i felt barly able to stand I got some lunch(healthy sandwhich) and a sports drink and sat down to eat, waited to for the food to kick in a give me energy again and make the shacky feeling go away. It did not subside fully but I wanted to get home so I walked to bus stop barly got to bus stop with out taking regular rest, from the bus to home I felt even worse barly made it home, dizzy, shacky, leg pain, weak knees, buttfly feeling in my chest and torso, Just very ill feeling. I thought maybe this was a one off so I went again the newt day same thing but worse, thinking maybe it was an anxiety reaction and not wanting give in to it I went for a 3rd day and this time the same thing but I did calapse on to my front step could not even stand to open the door to get out of the heat. It was not till a week or so later i thought about how I felt and realised I really did not have the mental capacity to call for an ambulance and proberly should have. I tryed talking to dr again and not giving in to fatuige unless it was anxiety, but the symtoms persisted i just did not push my self as much stopped going out on hot days limited how long I was out taking more time to rest when I was out. I fianaly decided to get my self a heart rate watch I'd wanted one for a while now since I started at the gym. Thought it would disprove me in some way show me I was over reacting to the palpitation ect. It showed very high pulse instead which finally got my Dr attention and she sent me for 24 hour ECG test, which showed nothing serious that can be treated with medication. She put me on sleeping meds to help me sleep as I suffered from insomnia since april 2007 and even thoe I was sleeping I was waking heaps and feeling like I awake but unable to move(sleep paralisis), or awake for hour once I woke up at night. The restless leg pain and walking pain has gotten better but I've also been drinking sports drinks most days 1 a day most of the time when out. Water was making me feel worse like it may have dilutiong my electilyes. I try eating salt with meals but dont really eat much with salt in it except cereal which has sodium in it. I've been craving salty food more I dont really like salty food still but I'm craving it. same with sugar cant handle the sugare craving I want to loose weight and I'm intolerant to sugar as well to many side effects. I cant miss a meal even by more than 30 min most days. I normally have to like a banana or sports drink between meals if I feel shacky before my next meal. Some time I give in to sugar craving and have a small chocolate or suger lollie to suck on.

My diet has been getting more restrictive for years now. Eating the non healthy food less and less over the years, to try to loose weight has proved more difficult for me fatiuge wise. I was put on zyprexa for sever depression caused me to gain 30kg and need to loose the wieight it putting too much stress on my joints and its too depressing to be this over weight.

I just want to feel better and my symptoms fit so many illness and disorders including my mental illnesses but I feel like this current problem in not caused by some thing mental its happening worse on days I dont feel anxious and better on days I've had a panic attack even my pulse is harder to get high while walking faster on a day I've had a panic attack. Like adreniline from the panic attack is helping my body stay stable for some reason. Why would my pulse me more normal on day of panic rather than a good day. I dont like panic and dont want to feel bad either, I just want to be better.

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I had my glucose tolerance test today, results should be back by monday so hoping to find an answer. I felt like sick like I do when I'm late to eat or exercise so hopfully I get answer that helps me in the long run.
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I had my glucose tolerance test today, results should be back by monday so hoping to find an answer. I felt like sick like I do when I'm late to eat or exercise so hopfully I get answer that helps me in the long run.
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AI as I understand it, they are pretty much the same. Addison's is adrenal insuffiency whether by pituitary or adrenal source. The only thing is I was told is that I should not say that I have Addison's because my adrenals were removed, so I say I have AI - so mine was not from disease (antibodies). Weird.

The high pulse comes from the body not handling the fluids right when cortisol changes - so when you crave salt, go for it, and it should bring your pulse down. I use salt tablets to keep calories down.
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Are you getting any treatment for your adrenal condition?  What does your doctor say about your adrenals?
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