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Adrenal supplements together with Celexa?


I´ve been on Celexa for almost 8 years now. currently on 20mg. I´ve been struggling with adrenal fatigue for 2 years. Recently bought a few supplements from Innate response, it was Multivitamin, probiotics and Adrenal response. I take all supplements in the morning together with celexa.

I´ve been eating the supplements for 3 days now and I feel a lot more energy but I feel upstressed some how, like the feeling when I had maxdose on Celexa. faster pulse, more quick with toughts. I´ve thinking if it interact with celexa?!? Or should I take the supplements to lunch/dinner instead of morning?
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I would speak to  your pharmacist in case there are some contra-indications.

I am not a follower of the fatigue school and I think the supplements in some cases may actually do damage rather than good...
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I would see someone like a naturalpathic doctor who can explain the ingredients in supplements that you buy in stores.  My doctor explained why injectable b-12 does not process in body due to an ingredient that is used that some people can't process.
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What ingredient is that?

I know the body cannot process if there is an intrinsic factor issue and needs more, but the B-12? My mom took the shots for years for pernicious anemia.
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Oh it works for many, mostly seniors, but doesn't not get processed by everyone.  That's all.  
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