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Been sick for over 2 months, dr's say nothing is wrong...

I have been sick for over 2 months. Here is a quick history of what has happened. I was unexpectedly forced to resign from my job. The very next day got hired on to another job. Training started the following week. Then the "sickness" started.
Here are my symptoms:
...brain fog all the time, disoriented sometimes, hard time concentrating, spacey
...very sleepy all the time, fatigued
...blurry vision sometimes
...Low blood pressure, usually around 90/50 sometimes a little lower
...shaky sometimes
...headaches often
...tmj problems
...back pain, middle and lower back
...bad anxiety
...feeling like I am going to faint or pass out sometimes
...feel like I can't breath sometimes

I have had the following tested:
...CBC panel
...pregnancy test

Everything was normal.

My a1c is slightly elevated.

My question is does this sound like an adrenal problem? If so what hormone does it sound like I am lacking or have too much of? My dr's have no clue which way to go as of right now. I am going to try to get in with an endocrinologist. The first family doctor that I went to blew me off as having hypochondria and said I needed a psychiatrist. I know something is wrong with my body.
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I have some similar symptoms not the low blood pressure but high but the headaches extreme fatigue shaky extreme sweating muscle weakness I had a scan done a week ago found 2 tumors on left adrenal it's the only one I have left right one removed 11 years ago hyperaldostronism going for cortisol suppression test next day or two I can't sleep either it's very frustrating hope you find some answers
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With the low BP, do you have low sodium readings, or weird potassium readings?

AI or Addison's is a salt wasting disease and so you would have to have testing that shows that to pinpoint it being low cortisol. It may also relate to renin or aldosterone.

Sadly, most of the symptoms like fatigue, brain fog, pain, anxiety and all are so general they cannot be attributed to one disorder but to thousands.
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