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Can I get the H1N1 nasal flu shot with addisons?

Can I get the H1N1 nasal flu shot with addisons? It is not the shot, it is the one they spray up the nose. I do not think they have the shot form with the H1N1 flu vaccine. I already got the regular seasonal flu shot. They nasal spray flu vaccine contains live viruses, so that's why I am asking this question. Thank You.
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not if you are on any steroids, and anyway, this flu vaccine is very contraversial.  our doctor does not recommend it, it hasn't had proper testing; the pharmaceutical companies have been absolved from any legalities in case of complications; and every neurologist in the country has been alerted to notify any signs of nuerological symptoms related to the vaccine......
doesn't that make you just want to run and get it????
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thank you very much, I will not get it.
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No it is not something you should get. It attackes your immune ysytem and lowers its ability at first - with addisions that is an immune issue too.

You could get very sick

Concentrate on how to build your immunity. You can do alot on your own to fight these bugs. I work in a school with 500 coughing - sneezing - flu students daily. I am not sick and haven't been for quite a long time.
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it is so weird, I got the seasonal flu shot about a month ago and I swear I have felt bad ever since, I am never getting a vaccine ever again seriously
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When your immunity is low - getting these shots can really put you down for a long time.
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I saw someone on TV this morning talking about the swine flu vaccine. He said the insert that comes inside the package is enough to warrant a person not taking it. His website is drfitt if you want to check out what all he had to say.

It causes autoimmune disease for one thing, and that one thing is enough to stay away from it. What is not being reported is that most of the people that are coming down sick with it, took it prior to becoming ill.
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