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Chronic Stress / Fear and effect on body.

Hello and thanks for advice, I would just like a bit of advice from anyone in a similar state of mind or can relate.

It started 6 years ago, I was in what I perceived to be a potentially life threatening situation at the time. The fear of death / harm went on for a couple of years. Eventually it subsided. Since then I was ok for a while but then went through huge stress with work that I couldn't handle, along with other things the last couple of years I've been suffering from chronic stress, fear and suffering health problems.

Could my constantly high stress levels be effecting everything else in my body? I've suffered..

Muscle Cramping
Vibrating in legs (mainly at night laying down)
Glossitis, comes on for a week or two then goes for a month, slightly different shape each time but gets larger each time.
Ulcers not too often
Small red pin dots on skin
All over muscle twitching (last 6 months)
Eye lid twitches
Itchy Skin

I know it sounds mad not to go to the doctors, but could the amount of stress I've put myself under really be inderectly causing these things? I have a theory it could be causing vitamin deficiency, but don't know where to start. My diet is fast food, sugar, carbs with some alcohol. I work long hours and haven't been happy deep down for a long time.

Time for a doctor or consult a dietician? Maybe even try a natural route? Thanks so much
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I am an adrenal type person, but I CAN tell you that you should go to a doctor, try the free clinic at Department of Social Services, and ask for some bloodwork done of your vitamins, minerals, and whatever else they usually do.  You sound like somebody whose stress and lousy nutrition is draining your body of vitamins and minerals.  The solution is not so much to take this vitamin or that mineral, but rather it is to first have a doctor look at the big picture to make sure you don't have a fairly regular disorder like Lupus, for example, for which there is special medicine.  If you are fairly normal, then the only medicine you should take are a vitamin a couple times a week, and a tranquilizer as needed.  Drink plenty of water... but not too much!  

After your doc visit, you should NOT work yourself into the ground, instead you will HAVE to simply SLOW DOWN.  I know from experience that overwork will take its toll on you as you age and there's no going back. Next, you have GOT to sit down and relax at some point in your day and simply eat a good meal with a view in your home, or on your porch, or on the couch and watching TV, where you can relax, which the dinner meal is a good time to do this since you won't have work after lunch.

We'd all be interested in hearing what the doc finds out, and also how a new eating and exercise approach works for you!  Gail  

Also, you MUST figure out a daily or at least a four-times weekly exercise programme that will keep you fit.  The exercise you get at work is not normal.  Instead, make time for walking around your neighborhood or a park, riding your bike or a stationary kind at a gym, jogging on a school track, swimming leisurely at the YMCA.  These type things will relax and yet strengthen you.  I'm telling you, swimming is the greatest, especially some floating.  

For breakfast, eat some sort of cereal, free range eggs hard-boiled, and a juice.  Bring your lunch and eat a sandwich on bakery bread, a great salad, and a fruit desert.  Don't eat dinner too late in the day, put together an easy meal, like TV dinners, leftovers from that day and the day before, canned soups and stews, or put some stuff in a crock pot on the weekends, recipes are online.

You are a total wreck.  Slowly work yourself up to where you're comfortable.  But FIRST go get some bloodwork, in case you have a rather serious problem that MUST be fixed right away.
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BLU, I meant to put my sign-off line at the end!  GG
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Stress is well known to be bad. So GG's advice is sound.

I would also like to add that you sound like you may need some vitamin D, magnesium and calcium (it may help with with twitching). and you may feel better with a good diet and some exercise.

Take care and keep us posted.
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Thanks for the advice Gail and Rumpled it will all be taken on board.

Lupus is something I'm not familiar with, I was always under the impression that Lupus was rare in younger males.

I wish I worked less hours to concentrate on keeping healthy, exercise more and control the diet but for now it is hard as I just can't seem to fit everything in as I have a family life too.

I'll keep you updated, water is something I need to start with, I know I don't drink enough. To make things worse I've been quite ill lately.

I will try the vitamin d, as that should help, when I'm better I'll get running again and start cooking some decent meals.

Thank you both so much, it's comforting to know people like you are happy to take time to advise a stranger in need of help.
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Hey again, Blue!
Actually, when I say don't work too hard, I meant more WHEN you work, don't work so blasted hard!  I know, some jobs require you take on "the load of two people" type thing.  But hey, even a slight slow-down will do just fine (in the eyes of the boss).

I'd like to go ahead and suggest you get a simple "One A Day" vitamin-and-mineral pill, and check ingredients to make sure you're getting the ones Rumpled suggested (she's great, she's helped me on a recent adrenal issue!)  In other words, you need vits AND minerals.  On the water thing, nearly all workplaces allow you to keep a store-bought plastic hand-sized water bottle around.

And on the food thing, for now anyway, when you go to grocery store, get ready-made salads (with your fav dressing from another shelf and perhaps olives).  And for take-out food, stop at the Subway sandwich place, BEST meal you can get for the money that is excellent for good nutrients.

And I have to emphasize you go ahead and set up an appointment with a primary care (family) doctor (as I said before, Dept SS healthcare is cheap).  Some of your symptoms add up to a variety of ailments, so you want to check those off, too.

Lastly, IF you are on your feet at work for very long periods of time, buy some support socks/stockings, AND get gel soles, inserts for your shoes, WITH AN ARCH.  And during workweek, when you get home and are ready to rest a bit, massage your calves and feet with lotion, and then leave off support socks and wear slippers.
All the best, Gail    
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