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Cortisol less than 1 - Dr blew it off - what next?

Hello, I have Sjogrens and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I have been on prednisone 10+ years. My rheumatologist ordered a cortisol test because of my symptoms. It was 0.8. She upped prednisone to 10 mg and sent me to an endocrinologist. He berated me for coming in and said I “just need to take prednisone anyway”. Shouldn’t he have done some testing since I already have an autoimmune endocrine disease? Is it possible that the low cortisol is from that, not prednisone use? And, does it indeed not matter what the cause is? He did nothing and recommended nothing. Just yelled at me. I am not sure what to do now.
Thank you.
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What time was the test?

And the endidiot was truly showing his colors by dissing you... yes, you deserved more testing. The prednisone should have showed up in testing as it has a long half life and it may cause steroid induced Cushing’s so upping it... ugh...

See if you can find a larger hospital or university and get a better endocrinologist. I wonder sometimes why doctors think that oh you have one thing, you can’t have another...
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