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DHEA for adrenal fatigue


Just wondering, does anyone take only DHEA for adreanal fatigue? I'm taking HC at the moment. The first week was good, gave me more energy (and only taking 4mg total a day because I get dizzy and getting more facial and body hair). But now a month later still feel really tired, muscles are weak (if not weaker). I'm going to see my doctor in 2 weeks and will ask for DHEA.

Can I stop taking cortisol if I take DHEA?? Should they be taking together?  

Also, can you use progesterone cream when you take HC?

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DHEA is a totally different hormone. DHEA does not serve the same function as cortisol. One cannot live without cortisol, however DHEA is not necessary. DHEA converts to estrogen and testosterone. If you are getting more facial hair, increasing DHEA may not be ideal as it may increase your testosterone.

HC is kinda a weird thing - too much and too little makes for fatigue. Time of day taking it can be a huge factor as well. It cycles in a normal person. If you are taking what you have at the wrong time, you can be throwing your body off.

DHEA, BTW, is an OTC thing - you can get it at a drug store, but some brands are better than others.

It is best to test and see if you need the DHEA.
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My DHEA was also low and It's made by adrenals, and I want to give my adrenals a rest for a bit because they have been working too hard for past 8yrs and now I'm struggling.

I take HC 3x a day, when I wake up, in the afternoon and at night.

My saliva test for cortisol was within range in the morning but then it was only 1 in afternoon and night. Should I not take the morning dose of HC?
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Adrenals are odd... you give them a rest and the little buggers simply shut off, they are lazy little things... you have to be careful waking them up. You cannot stop and start HC - it can be dangerous.

HC at night will only make it so that you do not sleep. a normal body has high levels of HC in the morning, falling throughout the day slowly until near zero at midnight. Keep in mind the half life of the med as well.

DHEA ... get DHEA sulfate tested, if low, then start off with a low dose like 10-25 mg and see how it goes. I have no adrenals and do fine with 25mg.

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