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Doc in Michigan?

I need to find a good doc in Michigan to look at adrenal function.  I've been to cardiologist--heart is good, but my BP is going bonkers, and based on other things going on and all clear testing cardiac data, he agrees I need endocrinologist.  I'm in metro Detroit area.  I saw one 1-1/2 years ago when I suspected something was up, and she only checked my morning cortisol spit test, which is basically worthless without three more in the day, and only a basic thyroid panel.  She said I was fine and that was it.  I'm certainly not fine. So is there a doctor list that someone can direct me to or can someone private message me?  Thank you!
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Sorry... there used to be a doc list here but no longer... I am not in that area. It is kind of hit or miss. Get copies and read up.
I hope you found someone.
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Hi there., Im not a doctor but will share my experience.

Its a funny reaction from your doctor?
Firstly you may be suffering from Resistant Hypertension. While your BP is raised,. it may not have an apparent cardiac  cause.
Usually they treat it with Meds to control it. Its called resistant if the drugs are not fully successful in lowering it enough.

Its reasonable to investigate secondary causes for high BP.

Firstly a few questions;

Did you have a 24 hour ABPM test? Its considered the gold standard test for BP evaluation.
Higher BP at night can sometimes  be a marker for a secondary cause occasionally.

I think you need an endo to investigate ,  including:

Full evaluation of  bloodwork especially Renin /Aldosterone blood tests and imaging of Kidneys to rule out artery stenosis. A 24 Hour urine collection to measure Catacholamine levels will be needed too.The CT will include the Adrenal glands. Often wild fluctuations in BP can be caused by high Aldosterone levels.
These can be raised with a tiny (Non cancerous generally) tumour in the  Adrenal gland. This releases too much Aldosterone causing BP spikes. Its rare but does happen.
Prof Morris Brown in Uk has done extensive research on this cause of resistant Hypertension. Its worth googling some of his papers.
He has done extensive worldwide research and maybe in the listings at the end of each paper, you may find some Doc in the Us ?
I think cortisol is just a small part of whats to be tested by the way

Hope this helps
Lets Know

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You do not mention if you are on any meds?  I've had thyroid meds provide "normal" TSH tests, yet my formerly low blood pressure on either natural or synthetic thyroid meds is through the ceiling.  Dessicated pig thyroid jacked up my blood pressure AND my blood sugar, along with heart palps, while Synthroid has my blood pressure through the ceiling and a facial/neck rash is now sporting...  I am weaning off Synthroid now and my I can track the reduction in blood pressure as we reduce dosage and from the time I take it in the AM until later in the day when it goes from very high to low in the evening, which is more my range before going on these @#$ meds.  
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