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I have been submitting questions on this site for about a month.  Three times in  my life, I have gained a massive amount of weight, and finally got some testing done, but was told my someone on this site, that I need more testing.  They tested me for cortisol, but only did the urine test.  Anyway, here are my results, and I have NO IDEA what they mean, and, of course, my doctor went on ANOTHER leave of absence.  I am looking for another doctor (I believe I was told to find a neuroendocrinologist, which I'm doing).  My iron is very high, and I read that it can cause cihrrosis (sp?), and I already have Hep C!!!  This scares me.  Anyway, here goes, any response would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

I have mild periorbital edema, but no moon facies or facial plethora.
I do have mild dorsocervical fat pad and supraclavicular fullness.
My thyroid gland is mildly enlarged with the left side being slightly greater.
TSH is 5.14.
Iron studies consistent with hemochromatosis with an iron level at 248, total iron binding capability of 482 and percent saturation of 51%.
AST is 58, alkaline phosphatase of 122, ALT of 48, electrolytes were with reference range.
Creatinine was 0.9.  
Random glucose was 181.

Well, that's it so far, and I don't know what any of this means, but I'm kind of worried.  My cortisol levels were LOW, they thought they would be high.

Thanks again
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If I were in your shoes, I'd talk to the most knowledgable person in the best health food store in town.  They usually have heard of all the complicated cases and the best docs for them.  Of course, that might mean you'd have to leave your home town for the best doc, but I'd do it in a heartbeat.  I'd read every book I could get my hands on, and I'd get my money's worth from my monthly internet fee, by spending non-book time on the internet, searching, searching.  This is a wonderful country, with extremely intelligent medical professionals and alternative health professionals.  I'd start drinking pure water, eating the best fresh vegetables I could find, and paying attention to what my body tells me after each beverage or food that I consume.  I'd keep a diary.  I'd stay busy.  I'd find something I'm passionate about and try to spend a good amount of time on it.  I'd listen to uplifting, beautiful, peaceful music.  I'd seek the company of friends and relatives who have a passion for life.  You don't need negative.  You also don't need to dwell upon all the things that are wrong.  Accentuate the positive.  I'd get the best air cleaner that I could afford.  Check them out on the internet.  Read the books by Robert O. Young, and his wife, Shelley Redford Young, to find out about the importance of an alkaline pH.  Read his book, Sick and Tired, five or six times.  Understand it.  Then get your own live blood analysis.  Read Patient, Heal Thyself, by Jordan S. Rubin.  Read a lot more books having to do with re-building your body from the inside out.  Join support and/or discussion groups through your health food store.  None available?  Talk to them about starting one!  Then YOU decide which of all those things answer your body's needs, and make getting well your passion.
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They were looking for the hallmarks of Cushing's and found that you do have some abnormal fat distribution - that is you have fat pads over your clavicles, but you do not have a round, fat face. You also have some edema (water retention). Your doc is going by the book. I was the same - I was pretty much a pin-head before I got cushing's so there was no way I was going to ever get a round face so I just filled out a bit and looked normal. Now I am back, post surgery, to looking like my face is tiny. You have to bring pictures to show how your face and body have changed. And not everyone gets every symptom so if you get a doc like that, find another. The cortisol will raise the glucose. Cortisol can be low for a number of reasons - point in time - you just were not high at the moment, if it was an average test, the average was not high enough even though you were high at times (I was like that), lab error, medication interference, etc.

If your cortisol went from high to low, you may be having the episodic kind of Cushings - and some docs understand it and some do not. You must find a doctor who does.

The iron is a separate issue - usually those with Cushing's have low iron. You have to find a doctor to deal with that and maybe he will know about the endocrine issues as well but maybe not.

Just get as much testing as you can - and as much variety as you can. Read up so you can test accurately. Labs mess up (as in acth must be chilled and spun etc.)
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Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!  I have made an appointment for the University Hospital here in Denver, but it's not for a month, and I get nervous.
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