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Help with CTH Stim-30 & 60 Min Cortisol results

I have been dealing with so many issues over the past three years with only a diagnosis of "Fibromyalgia".
Fatigue, muscle pain/weakness, urinary retention, muscle spasm, cold intolerance, it just goes on and on.

I do well for a while, only to have more symptoms occur. Latest was Orthostatic hypotension, odd cold sensations going up and down my arms and legs, and low body temperature. I was on a treadmill walking when this happened and almost fell. This sent me to the ER and of course, nothing was found to be wrong. My temperature stayed between 97.1-97.8 for a week and is now normal again.

They also checked my heart with a stress test and echo stress. All good.

Asked DR to check my adrenal glands, this is my results.

Cort-Base - 14 ug/dL
Cort-30Min - 35.8 ug/dL
Cort-1Hr - 41.3 ug/dL

Prior to the above I had my thyroid checked:

TSH: 2.76 but has been as high as 3.2
T4FREE is 1 ng/dl ( Lab norm is .09-1.8 ng/dl
T3FREE is 2.3pg/nl (Lab norm is 2.3-4.2 ng/dl)

Of course, I've been told these are all normal. I live in a rural area now and it seems that the DRs just go by what the blood work says is normal and ignore the symptoms and don't piece all the blood work together. Hope that makes sense.

I don't believe I have primary adrenal issue but I really wonder about secondary.

Also, in 2009 I had a parathyroid adenoma removed. I've heard this can sometimes damage the thyroid.

Any help appreciated.
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Also would like to mention that they did not do my first blood draw till 9:30AM. I arrived at 8AM and waited nearly an hour and half before they started because they were missing a work order. I was very annoyed. Not sure if this makes any differnece in my results.
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It does look normal as it more than doubled. It should have been 8am but under 10am is still ok and your results were not borderline.

Any other thyroid tests like antibodies or an ultrasound? The tests are ok, but my doc would say TSH at 3.2 is a little low and the other tests borderline low... so you may be trending low. Check on the thyroid board, I don’t do thyroid tests much anymore.
Thanks for the info! No other thyroid tests. The DRs around here only look at TSH. Was hard enough to get the T3 free and T4 Free done. :-(
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