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Help with test results

I posted a previous thread with the title Andrenal Fatigue, Hypothyroid or both. you can view it below.


I have my test results now and I want some help to see if anything stands out.  I asked him for some test that he didn't order and he ordered a few such as the B-12 and Blood count which was interesting. I have a new MD and he is out till 12/25/12.

Thank you for your help.

[B]Test Date: 12/9/12 @ 10am

       Your result Standard range Units
TSH 2.93         0.10 - 5.50         uIU/mL

[B]FREE T4[/B]
           Your result Standard range Units
Free T4 1.0            0.8 - 1.7         ng/dL


Component       Your result Standard range Units
Cortisol serum 11.7                        ug/dL
Component               Your result Standard range Units
Cortisol Total morning 12.5            8.0 - 25.0 ug/dL

Component             Your result   Standard range Units
Testosterone, TOTAL 447      > 220                 ng/dL

Component     Your result Standard range Units
Vitamin B12       >1000         > 200                 pg/mL

Component     Your result Standard range Units
Cholesterol        165                  < 239 mg/dL
Triglyceride         42                   40 mg/dL
Low density lipoprotein calculated 93 60 mL/min
Comment, glomerular filtration rate SEE NOTE

Component                           Your result Standard range Units
Neutrophils %, automated count 41                41 - 79 %
Lymphocytes %, automated count 46                13 - 44 %
Monos %, auto                         11                 5 - 14 %
Eosinophils %, automated count 2                   0 - 6 %
Basophils %, automated count 1                   0 - 2 %
Neutrophils auto count                1.7                2.1 - 7.4 K/uL

Component                 Your result Standard range Units
WBC COUNT              4.1     3.5 - 12.5 K/uL
Red blood cells count     5.27    4.10 - 5.70 M/uL
Hgb                             14.5 13.0 - 17.0 g/dL
Hematocrit                     43.8 39.0 - 51.           %
MCV                              83 80 - 100            fL
RDW, RBC                    13.5 12.0 - 16.5            %
Platelets count             186 140 - 400          K/uL

Component                             Your result Standard range Units
ESTIMATED AVERAGE GLUCOSE 117              85 - 126 mg/dL
Hgb A1c %                                 5.7              4.6 - 6.0 %
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Your profile says you are male - is that correct? Some people do not change the default.

The TSH is on the higher end of normal (and the accepted new range is .3 to 3.0) most people don't feel well with that - perhaps an antibody test would be in order?

Your testosterone is high. They would have to run all the tests around that from estrogen to LH to FSH to dhea, sex binding hormone and all as well as all types of testosterone to figure that one out.

Those are my best layman guesses.
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I think his testosterone is ok---it says the reference range is greater than 220---we were just discussing testosterone ranges for men today at my husband's follow up appt after his surgery.  However, total testosterone doesn't tell you much without knowing your free testosterone levels and your bioavailable levels and the sex hormone binding levels

My husband was first tested in 2006--his total testosterone was low--but the free level was ok--the doc did not check bioavailable levels.  When they tested him several weeks ago, he was only about 4 points above the bottom of the range.  The urologist told him to start taking DHEA, and they are going to test his levels again in several months.
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Yes I am a 32 year old male.
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My total T has actually come up. Used to be in 300's. Dr. said at that time for my age though it should be in 600-700 range. My total T in the past has actually been in the high range.
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I notice that you have no test results for Free T3.   My doctor treats thyroid according to symptoms instead of according to blood tests.  My most recent blood work has my TSH at less than .01--but my Free T 4 is right in the middle of the range and my Free T3 is slightly high---so i reduced my thyroid meds.  i am on 4 grains of a natural thyroid called NP Thyroid.

I looked at your other post---you have an awful lot of symptoms of low thyroid, which would match your higher TSH levels.  Personally, i don't think the thyroid tests are accurate.   I have had my TSH and my Free T 4 be low together--ans some doctor was only worried about getting my TSH normal--he continued to lower my thyroid until my hair was falling out---and finally anothe doctor at the same office saw my test results and realized My thyroid was too low----but the other doctor managed to get my TSH into a normal range!!!

The doctor should have realized that both TSH and Free T 4 low together indicates a pituitary problem.  TSH is a pituitary hormone.   Your thyroid uses the thyroid hormones different than the rest of your body.  You could have normal thyroid levels in your thyroid--but the rest of your body could be hypothyroid.

I really don't understand the doc telling you that low Vit D is ok because you probably have higher testosterone????   My Vit D was within lab ranges, but only 3 points above the bottom---and my bones hurt.

I put myself on a high dose of Vit D and got my levels raised somewhat before my doc did blood work, but it was still too low.  He kept me on the same level I was taking and it is finally in an optimal range---and muy bones feel alot better.

My orthoped, who treats my pain, had just kind of brushed off my bone pain because he is used to me being in pain---he had never seen my Vit D test because it had been run by an endo who figured since it was in the lab range it was ok.

You sound like you have trouble maintaining normal hormone levels---this is a problem I have also had before I was treated for low thyroid and for adrenal insufficiency-----not adrenal fatigue.

As low as your cortisol was before, I wonder if some more testing  in that area might do you some good.

My doctor believes that most people who are hypothyroid also have cortisol problems--there are probably a lot who would disagree---but I know that people come from all over the US to see the doc I go to.   I flew from Idaho to Conn to see him.
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