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Human growth hormone

I posted one question re my ACTH results. Now I will see if anyone can help with HGH. I am a 48 yo female. My HGH has been 0.3. Two endocrinologists have told me this is "a little low". I did the glucagon test for HGH. Here are my results, feel free to comment:

Baseline  .4 then given Glucagon
roughly 30 minutes later .3
1 hour after that .2
30 minutes after that 2.1
30 minutes after that 11.0
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From what I understand to be considered Adult Growth Hormone Deficient you cannot have any measurements over 5.0, during the stimulation test. The cutoff point for children is higher at 10.0.

This is given that the same units used in the USA were used on your test,
HGH by itself is not a valid measurement. But they do test your IGF-1 to see if this is low usually, before a stimulation test is done. I was just of of Growth Hormore for a few months for a surgery and intracranial hypertension and my IGF went down to 50 something.
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Sorry so long to respond, I read this a while back. Thank you for this info. I was wondering how you found what the ranges should be? The lab sheet I have seems somewhat vague. One value on my sheet said it should be <10 but it did not show my value of 11 being out of range. Is this something that is open to interpretation?
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