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I am convinced I have some sort of adrenal deficiency

Over the last 4-5 years noticable I have had bouts of extreme fatigue, inability to handle stress, weight gain, extremely cold, lose temper (not my normal nature) depression, muscle weakness, low sex drive (ongoing), memory loss, headaches, flu symptoms, jittery or feeling of a "current" running through my body...and many other symptoms I now see as related. I periodically have what I call a "crash" where I have to take off work for 2-3 days because I feel like I have the flu, I am shaky, weak, heart palpitations and have to stay in bed. Last year I was in a pretty bad car accident and for about 4 months after the symptoms were all heightended and since then it seems my symptoms are more frequent and worse.

I have Kaiser insurance and have seen 2 or 3 doctors and they have ran some blood test, but all come bck in what they call normal range and nothing is there.

They did mention that my total testosterone (391) was about 50% lower than what they see for my age (30) but still normal. My testes are underdeveloped. In my doctors words " you have th balls of an 8 year old". I have tested thyroid twice, cortisol, blood sugar etc...

Last April I started to search on my own and came across info that all pointed to adrenal fatigue. I read dr. Wilson's book and I rated a 128 which is moderate to almost severe adrenal fatigue and almost all the symptoms sounded just like me.

I then search for a few alternative medicine doctors (Dr. Lam, Dr. Richard Cohen). I consulted with two who both said i had adrenal fatigue. I also got saliva testing which showed my morning levels were very low along with other hormones.

Here were the results:

Saliva Test (7am 3/22/09)

Estradiol: Result - 0.5 pg/ml /  Optimal Range = 0.8-1.5
Progesterone: Result = 0.053 ng/ml / Optimal Range = 0.070-0.150
Free Testosterone: Result = 102.2 pg/ml / Optimal Range = 75-95
DHT: Result = 18.8 pg/ml / Optimal Range = 20-40
DHEA: Result = 585.3 pg/ml / Optimal Range - 250-450
Cortisol: Result = 4.8 ng/ml / Optimal Range = 8.0 - 15.0

Dr. Blood Test (1:00pm 3/3/09)

Free T4: Result = 1.0 ng/dl / "Normal Range" = 0.8-1.7
TSH: Result = 2.66 uIU/ml / "Normal Range" = 0.10 - 5.50
Fasting Glucose: Result = 95 mg/dl  / "Normal Range" = 60-99
Total Testosterone: Result = 391.7 ng/dl / Normal Range = 245-1200 (Dr. said average for my age was 700-900)

At that time when I talked to the alternative doctor about my saliva results he said "“I suspect since your estradiol is low that you have lower binding proteins and causing more than adequate amounts of free T to be around.IN your case, the low E is helpful. No need to worry about raising, aging and exposure to environmental agents will do that in time. The main issue is your low cortisol”

I consulted with him a bit and he educated with me a bit on adrenal fatigue, how it happens and what to possibky do.

I had to stop consulting mainly due to the extra expense and so here I stand with the same worsenig symptoms and no help. Its affecting marriage, job and life in general.

I just got a serum coritsol test last week and the doctor said the normal range was 8-23 and I tested 19 and do not have anything wrong with me.

I was thinking of getting an Adrenal Stress Index test and then going about treatment on my own with Vitamin C, Progesterone, Adrenal Cortex etc... essentially following the info in Dr. Wilson's book.

I have alternative doctors who will help, but I can't afford the fee.

Any advice? Are there any other test I can request my Kaiser doctor to run? Is a Adrenal Stress Index test neccesary? Or... Should I just try and treat myself with supplements based on my test last year and hope for the best.

Any help or direction is greatly appreciated.
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You only ran cortisol in the AM (and a tad bit early). The doc ran a useless thyroid panel - what about the frees, and antibodies?

Cortisol can go up and down, and there is a type of Cushing's out there called Cyclical or Epidodic which would account for the weight gain and low T. Low cortisol does not cause weight gain or low T. High cortisol does - so adding more cortisol would actually make you worse. However, since you have a gonadal issue, you may have another issue - maybe genetic or delayed puberty which may be a pituitary issue.

I think you need to find a good endocrinologist. Adding supplements willy nilly may make things worse and interfere with testing. I would ask your doctor to test ACTH, cortisol (8am), CBG, bioavailable testosterone, sex binding hormone, estradiol, dhea sulfate, free T3, free T4, TSH, igf-1, vitamin d to start.
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Rumpled gives excellent advice. Have blood drawn as she urges and find an endocrinologist who specialises on adrenals, or at least has an interest in them. Most endos focus on diabetes.

Do that first, THEN look at wilson's book. Having low cortisol for over a year and being on steroids I can honestly say that  while wislon's book is good, it should NOT be your first point of call.
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