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I saw a diagnosis of Adrenal Glucocorticoid Deficiency

can anyone tell me what this would mean  and could it be why I feel so horrible all the time, constantly getting sick, so tired and depressed nothing helps.  From what I see on my own research, just maybe, MAYBE this could be a possible culprit, I know something is wrong.  I fell from Ladder and Emergency Room let me down, they did not see the 3 Acute Compression Fractures L4, I guess is supposed to be strong bone, was smashed in half, L5 about 25% smashed, and t12 20% smashed. They had me walk out (it was horrible) stating I had a tiny fracture not interfering with anything no displaced bones, in the L4.  It wasn't until 2 months of agony later that a neurosurgeon ordered MRI that found all the damage, with bone displacement. that was almost 5 months ago, and I'm still in so much pain, the Dr. doesn't understand. (Not a good feeling when even HE doesn't understand why) Could this deficiency have something to do with it?  I know I am full of inflammation.............. and I did read these Glucocorticoids fight inflammation?  Any help greatly appreciated, in a way it gives me hope, I have not heard anything from the Dr. who ordered the test, I was looking for  lab work results  to go along with Bone Dexa Scan, and it's not there, so she must not have wanted it in my view yet?  The Dexa scan had diagnosis """ DEXA, density study/axial skel TEST 08/07/2014 Diagnosis: Adrenal Glucocorticoid Deficiency """"    I copied this statement from my chart.  Thank you!
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I am not sure how he diagnosed this without the proper testing.

I know my friends with elevated cortisol - aka Cushing's - break bones like crazy easy - and they are fully of inflammation as well.

So glucocorticoids go both ways - they can cause it was well!

Do you have abnormal sodium readings? Are you already diagnosed AI?
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