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Leg weakness

Hello I have low cortisols. I went am seeing a naturopath doctor helping me with Adrecore and kavinace. I have muscle weakness in my legs and knees it feels tingly and just real weak like I dont waNt to stand up for long. It also gives me anxiety. Some say adrenal fatigue makes their legs heavy but mine do not feel that way. I especially feel my legs do it after I did a hard yoga class yesterday. It makes me so worried that something bad will happen. Intense doom feelings. I was getting better taking Adrecorei and kavinace and eating every 2 hours. But when doc gave me progesterone cream to help with the weak feeling and stabilize my pms.  I was allergic to it and my blood pressure went low. Adrenaline surges in my head and tingling in my arms and hands. Also a rash appeared. So I stopped that's but now my weak leg feeling has come back with more deoression than before. I feel the progesterone cream messed up my hormones and I'm crawling back up the mountain again. I'm tired of these mudslides and feeling like something worse is wrong with me. I just want to know if other people had similar experiences such as the weak feelings in the legs or bad depression and weakness from progesterone cream.
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I am so leery of adrenal fatigue...

You can do so much messing up by taking things you don't need... You really need a good endo to know if you have a true endocrine issue.

Adrenals simply do not get tired. They are built, like the rest of your glands, to last  a lifetime.  Only disease or removal can stop it so you need to demonstrate disease.  One test cannot accurately show that as adrenals are naturally variable. It takes a few tests and some supporting tests... And then a lifetime of replacements.  Adrenals do not rest. They suppress. Some will wake after suppression, some will not, some will go bonkers and you can become Cushing's.

Something is probable wrong... But it seems like even you know this is not the right track for you... Perhaps another opinion?
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