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Low cortisol, ???

I had a bunch of labs drawn last week related to fibromyalgia I was dx with 3 years ago. I asked the dr. To throw a cortisol level in. It came back less than 1, way below am or pm normals. It was not fasting, was actually at 3 in afternoon. My bit D was low and DHEA very low even though I've been supplementing for over 2 years. The cortisol was not flagged as low or critical on the lab sheet as the others were, and my dr didn't say anything about it. I found it when going over when home. I have felt worse than s$&t the past few months but put it down to recently losing a parent. What is the meaning of this when not flagged as low? Thanks ahead! You all are great!
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Sadly a 3pm test is pretty useless for a cortisol. It should be going down.  T should be taken at 8 am and done several times and you need other tests like sodium potassium and ACTH as well as other hormones to support a trend for normal or not.

Low d your doc should have put you on a vitamin regimen right away. If super low then they can give you script 50,000 iu but you can buy say, 5000 iu gel cap and start to get your levels to creep up.  It took me a while but I got better.

I would test more and look at past tests for sodium and potassium.
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