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Questions about Adrenal test

Is the ASI test a saliva test?  Can any doctor order this test?  I want to get the test done. I have all of the symptoms of  abnormal levels of andrenal hormones.

- Fatigue
- Feeling Drained
- Hypoglycaemia/Blood Sugar Imbalance
- Dizziness Upon Standing
- Insomnia
- Not Feeling Rested on Waking
- Poor Stress Tolerance
- Depression
- Poor Exercise Tolerance
- Recurrent Infections
- Allergies
- Chemical Sensitivies
- Lack of Mental Alertness

I have had my thyroid tested so I know I have a low FT3.  I just want to check my adrenals before I would start meds to see if their are other causes for my symptoms.  

Thank you for any help.
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Really the best test to get - is saliva.
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A saliva and urine test will determine levels of cortisol, DHEA, and the neurotransmitters. The diagnosis of adrenal fatigue was confirmed for me in this manner. It was found that my cortisol level was very high (causing sleeplessness and panic attacks, among other things). I take 1000 mg. of pantothenic acid 2 Travacor capsuls (Travacor inhibits the excitory neurotransmitters) every day. Every other day I take 5mg. of DHEA. My fatigue continues to lessen the longer I am on this regimen and the panic attacks that resulted are a thing of the past. I can now lead a normal life. By the way, my adrenal fatigue resulted from taking inhaled steroids for asthma. Steroids, which are so readily prescribed, can wreck your endocrine system.
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Thanks for your reply.  I have asthma also and have been using Advair and now Symbicort for years.  Are these concidered steroids?   I also have seasonal allergies and have been taking loratadine and sudefed everyday for years.  I'm at the point where I think I'm immune to all this stuff because it is not helping me.  

So did you stop the steroids and if so what do you do to control your asthma?  

I'm going to do the adrenal saliva test at the beginning of November.  I just stopped all of my allergy meds because I have a hard time doing the saliva tests because my mouth is always so dry.  I know this is from the meds.    

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