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Side Effects

Are there any side effect of taking vitamins(e.g. vitamin D+calcium) for long time as 3 months or more.

Does "Omeprazole 20mg" cause any harmful effect in long term use ?
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I have taken calcium and D under doctor supervision for years, but I have endocrine issues and need supplementation.

Calcium will also not absorb in large doses. It is better to spread out, if you even need a larger doses.

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At the proper doses no,it's good for you to take supplemental D. Calcium should be not taken in more than 400 mg doses at a time due to possible adding to coronary placquing at higher doses.....

Omeprazole has been in the "medical" news a LOT and it was not made to be taken long term. Everything from risk of infections, pneumonia,and heart disease as well as increased risk of stomach cancer. I am not allowed to refer you to my blog but I know that Dr.Mercola did a great blog with references on his website so you can read more THERE.

What to take instead? What I give everyone including my dad! Good pharma grade digestive enzymes and betaine. Works much better and is totally safe.
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