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Suspected Adrenal disorder

Hi, for the past 2 years my health has been going gradually downhill. All of my symptoms started occurring a week into a raw food diet that I had begun and weird things started happening. Right before me changing my diet I was always under a ton of stressors my freshman year in college. I usually went to bed at 3-4am, worked out excessively in the gym, partied, and was following a very low carb diet for about a year. When I started the raw diet I switched overnight and went through severe detox reactions. (Broke out in lots of acne, coated tongue, foul smell, brain fog). I felt a pain in my lower back and think it was either my adrenals or kidneys. Anyways I ended up losing around 20 lbs very rapidly and am unable to put weight on now matter how much I eat and I look extremely thin. And yes, I eat more than enough protein. (I eat normally now).  I have severe fatigue, brain fog, no libido, loss of interests, darkness under eyes, dry mouth, irregular appetite, tooth enamel erosion, slightly decreased vision, and always weak. I also undergo a strange change in symptoms whenever I physically exert myself too much for a number of days in a row, or become extremely stressed. All my symptoms go away, I feel happy again, libido comes back, I begin putting on strength/ muscle and I feel normal. This lasts about a week and then I crash and feel horrible and begin getting heart palpitations/ anxiety. All of my tests are normal (I've had lots of testing). Testosterone, progesterone,  insulin/glucose are always fine, blood pressure is fine. I've had 2 saliva tests where my cortisol came back below range on 3/4 intervals. DHEA-s were also slightly low but not tanked. My calcium levels are also a little high at 10.1 but Im getting PTH tested soon. I've seen several doctors and they blow it off as neurological. Also my TSH has come back at 3.9, 2.3 and 3.1 on 3 separate tests so high in my opinion.. My free t4/t3 rt3 and antibodies are good though. I want to try cortef soon to know if that is the reason for my health problems. Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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It may be the hyperparathyroidism and it may be that you may have another hormone off as well or the parathyroid is just going up and down.

Even a slight off in calcium can make people really off. I have the opposite, low pth.

Usually the body can regulate calcium well so don't let them ignore this. Find a good doc, keep battling.

Post back when you have news.
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