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What is wrong with me????

Okay, been sickly for about 8 years, but all tests were always "normal".  Found this latest endo and he did some new tests, but he signed off as everything is "normal", so I got them to fax me the results and i see a few things SO not normal.

My Globulin is just ever so slightly low as my A/G Ratio is ever so slightly high, but these things may not mean anything so I didn't bring them up to the doctor's office when I called to chew them out.

My Thyroglobulin AB (not sure what that even is) was a 74M (at least it looks like it says "M") and the ref range says it should be under 20 IU or ML and the lab marks it as out of range as well.

TSI appears normal at 98, ref range  is less or equal to 125.

My Vitamin D was 17, given supps, and retested as 44, well into the normal range now.

My AM Cortisol was a .8 and flagged as LOW by the lab, though the dr disregarded this entirely somehow.  I took some pill the night before, I think it was some type of steriod and took the test at 8am exactly the following morning. The ref range given was 6.7 - 22.6 mcg/dL.  

I can barely get outta bed in the mornings before 11 or noon-ish. I am in constant pain, worse in mornings. I cannot get to sleep at night. And I can sleep 24 hours if I want and never feel like I slept at all.  

During my first pregnancy in 2001, I gained about 50 lbs in my third trimester and no one seemed to care. Found out YEARS later that this was NOT normal. Normal deliver of baby. Left by the father three months after birth and had a real stressful job.  I got fired from it in 2003, January.  At that time, I started to have a "spreading pain" that seems to travel from joint to joint, usually taking over my body for a day or two.  Exhausted all the time, gaining more weight.  I got a little better in 2005, got married, having a good life despite being tired all the time and in pain. Labs are still all normal at this point.  By now, I am smoking up to 4 packs a day and don't know why I can't seem to go ten freaking minutes without needing to light up.

Got pregnant in 2006, healthy delivery in 2007, April.  Had gallstones 2007 August and had the gallbladder removed.  Got worse, gained a crapload of weight. Saw my first endo who said I was insulin resistant, put me on metformin 1000 mg daily. Lost about 60 lbs, but the med's effect plateus and I cannot lose any weight past 239 lbs on meds alone.  slight exertion hurts and my muscles are too weak.  I walk as much as I can despite the pain, just to try to have SOME form of exercise.  I quit smoking near cold turkey, which I still cannot believe being that I was so addicted. Energy boosts and I began to have good days and bad days. Good days start a day before or the day of the start of my monthly cycle. I am a zombie any other day of the month.

No one seems to understand how bad off I am.  These mood swings, I can't handle the simple stress of misplacing my car keys, etc.  Skin irritations and boils, my weight, my joints and muscles, sleep, I feel I am better off dead sometimes, like I am not worth saving. The doctors do not care, why should I think I'm important enough to cure.  I get suicidal now, but I try to hide this fact because they will only want to give me head meds and then I'll never get fixed. Help, anyone??

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I cannot comment on your test results but I can let you know that you are not alone.  I to am trying to confirm a diagnosis but tests are all ok.  The below info may not be 100% accurate as I am new to this (I have had many endocrine tests lately as I have just been diagnosed with an adrenal tumour) but it may give you some insight.  There are many people on this board who have extensive knowledge on this type of thing and hopefully they will see your post and comment.

Was the test you had were you took a tablet at 11pm and they checked your cortisol level the next morning at 8am.  If it was this may have been a dexamethasone suppression test to see if you have a condition called cushings.  I think a normal response would be for your cortisol level to be low.  I also had this and my levels were stated as low, but I think thats how they should be from taking the dex.

If your cortisol levels were usually low then this could indicate a condition called addisons disease, a form of adrenal failure were the adrenal glands stop producing the required amount of steriods you need to function (including stress hormones).  This can be diagnosed by a ACTH stimulation test.  (weight loss and skin pigmentation can also occcur with this condition)

Stress can put a lot of pressure on the adrenal glands because of the extra production of hormones needed for your body to respond correctly to stress.

Were do you experience pain?  There is a condition called fibromyalgia (spelling may be incorrect)  if you type it in the search bar and see what you think.

Please do not give up and keep insight that a diagnosis will hopefully be made, sooner rather than later, I have been in a very low place as my symptoms were constant and worsening but now I am experiencing some relief.  I can understand you not wanting to suffer but please don't give up.  Some doctors do not care, I to have experienced that, but there are some that do and will go the extra mile with you.  There are many people here who will become a comfort to you in your struggle for diagnosis and will support you throughout.  Many of them in the same situation.

Stay strong and remember that you do matter.  Feel free to message me if you need to x

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