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What kind of Doc do you see?

Hi All!  My symptom was chronic fatigue.  I have searched for help for over 10 years.  I finally went to a naturalpathic doctor who looked at some blood work I had done which said all was normal.  Well she didn't feel those numbers were normal to her.  She said I was anemic and mineral deficient (iron, mag, zinc) and that my kidney was not processing the nutrients correctly.  We went over all medications I take for other issues and she mentioned the nexium I had been on for like 15 years was causing my stomach to not make it's own acid and properly digest nutrients.  Has anyone heard of this before?  I had an adrenal stress test done (saliva test) and it showed adrenal burnout and low cortisol levels as well.  The problem is, I weaned off the nexium and am still having horrible heart burn.  Anyone have any ideas on what to do?  Will my stomach ever stop hurting like this?  Otherwise, she has helped with adding iron, iodine and hydrocortisone to my morning routine so I can get up in the morning.  It has helped some.  What else are you all doing to help with fatigue?

Thanks! Nicole
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I love the idea behind a naturopathic doctor in that they look at the whole body... but just like some MDs - you have to find a good one. They make a huge profit off the supplements they sell so you have to wonder how much they diagnose you with sometimes is to sell, or is real.

If you listen to your own body - you felt much better ON nexium and now feel bad off it... so perhaps you should go back on it?

I would see a competent MD and see if you have a disorder that may be vitamin, hormonal or other - but the testing they do may or may not be valid.
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