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a few questions about adrenalectomy?

my husband had a left adrenalectomy,2 days later we found him and he wouldn't wake up. his heart was beating and he was breathing. on  his death certificate it says on line 1:anoxix brain injury status post adrenalectomy line 2: respitory  arrest line 3 unknown... is there any answers you can give me due to this??????
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just wondering if anyone read what i wrote and if there gonna answer???
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  I'm so sorry about what happened to your husband. This is a patient support forum. You might get a better answer to your question if you post it in an expert doctor forum.
I'm not sure, it sounds like brain injury from lack of oxygen. Severe insufficiency of adrenal cortisol can, in a worst case scenario, lead to death.
You need to grab a doctor and insist they explain the certificate to you.

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I am very sorry.

As mentioned above - your adrenals are the connection to a whole lot of life preserving functions in the body.

What was the reason for the surgery in the first place. What lead up to it?
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Was he on supportive steroids?
What was the reason for the adrenalectomy - Cushing's, pheo?
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I had a left adrenalectomy about 4 years ago due to a benign tumor which involved the entire adrenal gland, they first performed every kind of test to ensure that the tumor had not taken over the functions of passing hormones off to the other area of my body. (primary function of the adrenal gland)

I had no side effects after the procdure and have been told the other adrenal gland would function just as fine for the two of them for the rest of my life.  

My question would be if they performed tests as well prior to his surgery to ensure that the right adrenal gland was functioning properly, if hormones cease to be released to the body, the body does not function correctly.  

I am very sorry for your loss, and hope that you find peace with answers to your questions.
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