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acth test bad side affects

I had an acth stim test about two weeks ago. I have been having a lot of health problems but they had calmed down some on the day of the test and the day before.  After the test, everything went to heck, ( body feeling "jerky", involuntary body movements-primarily at night,  muscle weakness at times- even causing me to limp around during the day, and lean on the wall one night due to weakness and fatigue, head ache like crazy-especially behind eyes/back of head, problems thinking, among other things). I had those problems before the test but was feeling ok for that 1.5 days then bam.   I am wondering what bad effects people have had.  Also wondering what all is affected from the stim test (what other parts besides adrenal/cortisol could it have aggravated.  I haven't gotten results but don't think they did the test right anyway.  I would be afraid to get it again cause how it affected me :(.

ps   They recently found a pituitary cyst on my posterior pituitary glad (they said its fine).  
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I would find a pituitary center for another opinion on your lesion.

Most people don't have a reaction, or get cold, nausea, etc, during the test.

It may be the hormones were triggered a bit, did you call you endo? Was the test at 8am?
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thank you for the response rumpled, I really appreciate it.

I did tell the Endo. He basically said the test couldn't affect me like that.  

The test was done in the morning 8 something.  I got the results now (acth-22.7 (7.2-63.3 ref) cortisol pre injection 28.8 (2.3-19.4), cortisol post 44.7).  they stuck the acth test tube in the holder, it wasn't a chilled tube anything. The cortisol I guess was a little high but not that much.  He said my results were great.

I asked him if the jerking could have something to do with pos pit, cause it has nerves and it is different than anterior. He said no. I feel they looked more at stuff with anterior and not posterior.

I think you are right I'm going to try to find a pituitary center. Something's up, maybe it is that or maybe something else, but they would definitely have a good sense about the pit stuff :)

I hope you are doing well rumpled, I noticed you helped a lot of people on here and it means a lot.   Its nice when you are feeling confused or frustrated because you don't know what is going on to have someone like you who is so kind and caring to give some ideas. :)
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He was happy because it doubled, but it never made it out of the normal range? The not chilled and no spin thing really irks me... :)

Thanks... I just wish I felt better. I never knew anemia was so rotten and this post op infection has been more than a month...dragging me down.
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Oh rumpled I really hope you feel better too... I really think you are going to kick that anemia/infection in the butt though! :)
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