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blood work is crazy but not showing nothing with thyroid.

I have had symptoms since 2004 pain in joints headaches that come from my neck. Bad hair breakage and thinning brittle nails. Cant sleep good i feel tired all time and my bones ache. Someone help me. I will put my latest blood work on here too
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Your sodium is bordering low - do you crave salt?
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WBC(3.2-11.8 10^3/uL) 17.2
Platelet Count(132-400 10^3/uL) 369
RBC(3.7-5.56 10^6/uL) 5.09
HGB(11.5-16.5 g/dL) 16.7
HCT(36.6-50.2 %) 46.8
MCV(80.5-101 fl) 92
MCH(26.9-33.9 pg) 32.7
MCHC(31-37 g/dL) 35.6
RDW(10.5-15.5 %) 11.5
MPV(6.8-11 fl) 7.6
Neutrophils Abs(1.3-8.1 10^3/uL) 11.4
Neutrophil %(35-75 %) 66.5
Lymphocyte %(19-48 %) 24.4
Monocyte %(3.5-13 %) 6.8
Eosinophil %(0-6.2 %) 1.2
Basophil %(0-2 %) 1.2
ESR (Westergren)(0-20 mm/hr) 4
Leukocyte Alk Phos(20-137 N\A) 130
Clinical Chemistry
Sodium(136-145 mmol/L) 136
Creatinine(0.5-1.1 mg/dL) 0.55
Cr Clearance (Est)(87-107 mL/min) 178.59
Potassium(3.5-5.1 mmol/L) 4.8
Chloride(98-107 mmol/L) 101
CO2, Total(21-32 meq/L) 24
Anion Gap(5-15 mmol/L) 11
Glucose(70-105 mg/dL) 79
BUN(8-20 mg/dL) 11
Calcium(8.5-10.1 mg/dL) 9.6
Calcium, Corrected(8.5-10.1 mg/dL) 9.5
Protein, Total(6.4-8.2 g/dL) 7.5
Albumin(3.4-5 g/dL) 4.1
Bilirubin, Total(0.2-1.2 mg/dL) 0.5
Alkaline Phosphatase(50-136 N\A) 98
AST (SGOT)(7-37 N\A) 17
ALT (SGPT)(12-78 N\A) 22
eGFR African-American(60- mL/min) 60
eGFR Non-African-American(60- mL/min) 60
LDH(84-246 N\A) 215
Iron(50-170 mcg/dL) 123
% Saturation(20-40 %) 33.9
Transferrin(180-382 mg/dL) 259
TIBC(250-450 mcg/dL) 363
Ferritin(4.6-204 ng/mL) 107
T4, Free(0.7-1.48 ng/dL) 1
Vitamin B12(187-883 N\A) 357
TSH(0.4-5.4 UIU/mL) 1.97
Folate(7-31.4 ng/mL) 13.3
C-Reactive Protein
IgA(63-484 mg/dL) 201
IgG(552-1630 mg/dL) 689
IgM(22-293 mg/dL) 138
ANA Negative
Most recent TSH was 1.228
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Your B12 is too low in the range. Vitamin D, lipid panel, insulin?

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Vitamin d was low they put me on otc vitamin d Idk about insulin
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For some it can take 6 months (possibly longer) to get rid of vitamin D symptoms even with optimal levels: 40 - 60 ng/mL / 100 to 150 nmol/L. And you need to recheck your levels as well to make sure you are in good range. Vitamin D has a number of cofactors and the ones listed as the most important are magnesium, vitamin K, zinc, boron, vitamin A.

I mentioned insulin as I had normal blood glucose with very high insulin levels. This was one of my causes of chronic fatigue. Something to consider.

Cholesterol rises with low levels of thyroid hormone in the blood which is why I mentioned lipids.

Recommended to try sublingual B12 as symptoms are noted to occur low in the range. The lower end of the B12 serum reference range in Japan and some European countries is 500 - 550 pg/mL.

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My 8am blood cortisal level was 7
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My 8am blood cortisal level was 7 that's normal right?
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