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gut pain at 3 am

Jan 14, 2011
Dx fatty liver, insufficient pancreas,
suspect damaged vagus nerve, adrenal issues, GERD resolved, gallstones resolved. Parasites resolved.
Had been having diarrhea for 8 years, Things that worked for a month or two- parasite flush, vitamin D, zinc, berberine herbs, gallstone flush, phosphotidylserine,

Had N/V for 9 days 2 years ago. Came back to life with pepcid, but diarrhea continued. Got recent Dx of fatty liver, pancreas insufficiency and began another gallstone flush with 1 quart of Apple cider vinegar (diluted) over 3 days. Diarrhea resolved- stools immediately dark brown and sinking, also still smell of ammonia, Began cleanse Dec 20, 2010, still ongoing, Can't get it to stop. Every liver herb I tried in the past that didn't work, now take as tea and they all throw me into cleanse mode which HURTS!, pain over diaphragm constantly, pain relief very temporary, aspirin, baking soda, peppermint, chamomile, lobelia, help sometimes,  passion flower made it worse, Ibuprofen made me throw up,
Have been taking lecithin with every meal the whole last year, pancreatin, fish oil, inositol, choline, rutin, vit E, B6 for stones over last year with great success, continue on these , with this last flush, I vomited 9 large (about3 cm) encapsulations, think they were flukes of some sort, Resisted the first parasite Tx, but have been on low dose wormwood/clove/green black walnut/ oregano oil for many months. Don't know how they stayed. Need new stool test as results are all different now. cortisol test shows 7 am 9; 12 noon 6; 5 pm 7; 11 pm 5. No test for 3 am when I wake up in wrenching gut pain. Progesterone normal at 51, SIga 6, DHEA normal at 5, gliadin Ab SIga 8. (meaning no issues with glutin intolerance)

Feel like vagus nerve squeezes gut and stomach until it is engulfing my lower back and sacrum. Sometimes aspirin helps, often not. Don't want to stress my liver with more meds. Even when gut empty, it wakes me up squeezing, (from the long fasting state).  
OJ, lemon juice, will get liver to increase pain, i think it is triggering more cleansing. But it hurts. I am almost useless to take care of things at home. I can just sit and stare.Have been unable to work for last 2 years.  Was getting heart palpitations, checked vitamins and mineral levels,cut B6, cut niacin, take kelp for minerals. phosphotidylserine helped palpitations. 900 mg day.
Sometimes I get almost 3 cups vomit per episode, once per day. It has been free of solids. looks like lemon juice. Doesn't always feel better. Since Dec 20 have been able to eat maybe 5 days off and on, very low intake, r/t n/v. Have lost no weight. (i hear this is a fatty liver issue). Have abdominal obesity- Cushings never diagnosed. Just fit the Sx.
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I am assuming the cortisol tests were saliva and what were the ranges?

I am not a doctor, but I am confused (very) by the above - Cushing's often causes fatty liver (had both) but having had Cushing's I honestly was not aware of my liver like you are. I had low vitamin levels, I just took supplements. The cortisol, if that is the issue, kinda works against you. You do know that if you resolve the Cushing's, the liver issue resolves too?

What other testing have you done?
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Progesterone was normal, DHEA was normal, gluten intolerance showed no inflammatory markers, but recommended to be off grains for diabetes, Stool test showed fats were not absorbing, meat not breaking down, NO bacteria, or fungus, (in spite of regular taking of probiotics), There was something in the stool test that showed the Dr. that I was having a damaged pancreas and thus diabetes, also my insulin levels (salivary) were high, fasting (19) and non fasting.(28) I think it was the NONE for beta glucoridinase that showed him I was diabetic. No fecal lactoferrin, no occult blood, no mucus. 61.8 fecal fat (mg/g)(normal is 2.6 to 32.4).
Cortisol was salivary- 9 at 7 am, 6 at 12 noon, 7 at 5 pm, and 5 at 11 pm.

Salivary SIgA is 6

The two tests cost me $500 and plus $130 per consultation. Very good tests, better than i would have gotten i think at a clinic. it just takes me some time to cough up the money.

I have barfed up 11 encapsulated parasites, and saving the bodies for the lab. If it's liver fluke, I read they eat all your bile and leave none for you.
i also am looking up gastroparesis, and it sounds like that is what I have. Damaged vagus nerve from the diabetes.
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Ew! (just kidding)
Are you super skinny?
I am not familiar with most of that testing.
Have you thought of going off some of the *meds* to give your body a rest and see how you do?
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I am super fat. I have always been amazed at how little i can consume and still stay fat. But as I have learned from the fatty liver study, this is a classic symptom of fatty liver. Nothing's working right, including metabolism.

All my "meds" are vitamins and minerals. A few herbs. Since this thing began, I went off all of those because I just couldn't tolerate swallowing and keeping them down. All I could do it take a few grains of celtic salt hoping I was able to get my electrolytes. It has been a month now and I  am beginning to add my vitamins back. Because of my inability to absorb my food, I have had to take enormous quantities of some nutrients, and still have deficiency Sx. Magnesium is a biggie for me, and lucky I have found an ion form, Mg Cl in a tab, so I was able to absorb it as an ion before it could be thrown up. Otherwise I get unbearable leg cramps and twitches.
And one more I have recently added back yesterday- B12 ! It made a huge difference in my gut pain. B12 is essential for nerve function as all the B complex are, but B12 is a huge molecule, very hard to absorb and anybody with any digestion issues will have a problem absorbing it. Lucky, we can absorb it subligually, and I have had monstrously painful vagus episodes that after returning B12 to my body have mostly dissipated. So if diabetes damaged the nerves in the feet, then it is known for damaging the vagus nerve, and it has, but lucky, supplementation has helped loads. Not 100% but 80% I thought I was going to go crazy with pain night before last, and after B12 last night, I slept much better.
I also began a twice a day half cup of canary seed milk. This seems to have helped a lot. It is supposed to rebuild the liver and pancreas. I didn't throw up last night at all. I can't get any detail on it though. No amino acid profiles or fatty acid profiles. It is high in fat but low in protein and low in carbs.

My stool color has lightened. For me that means it is normal brown. This is a good sign. Also, I have had no food outside of my vitamins, the canary seed milk and whey protein isolate and i have had 5 BM's from last night. Big ones. So I think I have  a"proliferative" bowel something, as it was this way before.
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If you think you have Cushing's, are you seeing an endocrinoligist to get testing and to determine the source of the cortisol - be it pituitary, adrenal or other?
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Hi, I don't normally post to these forums, but you sound like you are really suffering.
I had really bad problems, similar to yours for some years.  I was also overweight, constanly in pain, couldn't eat etc.  What really helped me was a Chinese technique called "Gua Sha". It's simply scraping the skin with a flat tool,but works deeply in the body.  Look up "China Healthways Institute".   They have the little book that explains how and where to do it, and the little scraping tool. It's very inexpensive.  I did this every day for 3 months and it resolved my problems almost completely. I also took a product called "Zypan" it's a supplement.  It's a natural deworming supplement for children, very mild.  I could hardly tolerate anything, but this is basically digestive enzymes that you  take between meals and it digests the parasites. it was well tolerated by me and very effective.
China Healthways also sells an electrical device called a "Chi Machine", it's totally different than the exercise "chi machine", it works with sound waves to handle inflamation. It's a bit pricy, but it really helped a lot.  I still use it if I get gallbladder pain,and it makes the food go through. and has enabled me to avoid surgery for many years.
I had Addison's disease, and that was causing a lot of the abdominal pain. I could barely walk out to the kitchen or the effort of doing so would cause extreme pian. That was difficult to handle.  I managed to get some injections of adrenal extract, one a day for 30 days and that fixed it completely. But that extractt is no longer available in IM form, at least in the US. It's an old therapy from the 40's and no one uses it anymore. You might find an oral version that you can tolerate. "Cocoon Nutrition" sells a couple of different ones online which they claim is the same as the IM one. Adrenal extract with Licorice tea is supposed to fix adrenals, also, taking salt.   not popular these days, but that helped me a lot. I don't agree with the salt thing, if the adrenals go bad, one needs salt. do some research and see what you think. I found simple table salt was easier than sea salt or celtic salt. Kosher salt is very good too.
Have you tried Homeopathy?  It's very mild therapy, but very powerful, if you get the right one.  It's difficultt to find a competent doctor, but if done right can be miraculous.
Hope this helps, good luck!
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what kind of gluten intolerance test did you have?  did you have a Ttg  IgA and a total IgA serum  done?
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