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how can I find our more about adrenal exhaustion?

I was diagnosed with hashimotos 18 months ago. My thyroid hormones levels now look good (upper end of the range for FT3 and FT4, TSH less than 1) but I still don't feel great. I've been referred to a new doctor, a fatigue specialist. she says I also have adrenal exhaustion, but I think my cortisol levels were measured and seemed fine, I'm not sure what this diagnosis means, I think it's the stage before Adrenal Insufficiency. Can anyone on here tell me any more? What should I be asking my doctors, what can I expect. Are there any good sources of information you can point me to? Books or weblinks?

As well as this fatigue specialist I see an endocrinologist for the thyroid disease and I am seeing him on Tuesday.

thanks so much if anyone can advise at all.
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Thyroid issues and adrenal insufficiency are often seen together. Treating one makes the other one jealous of the attention, so it misbehaves to even the score. ;)

Adrenal fatigue is a disputed term.Google James Wilson and you'll see lots of his info.

Adrenal Insufficiency is a recognized medical diagnosis, but the traditional doctors make the definition so strict that only the sickest patients qualify as having it.

In my humble opinion, every thyroid patient should have adrenal testing before going on levothyroxine.
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I have Graves'. Had RAI almost 7 years ago. Life has been a challenge ever since. I just nicely got under the care of a Hormone Specialist, and we finally seem to be making some ground but it's been one heck of a journey.

I completely agree with handsome on everything, you'll probably be shocked when you go through his info and how it pertains to you.

I have just recently come off Cortef, and just today reduced my thyroid meds by 1/2 tablet. On his advice I have also added Vit D, Magnesium Citrate, and Inositol, along with a progesterone regime as well.

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hi both of you, I love both your handles and thanks so much for taking the time to answer. I will Goggle James Wilson. I didn't even mention the adrenal exhaustison diagnosis to my endocrinologist having seen how contoroversial it seems to be but spontaneously he said he wanted to run more checks on my cortisol, "it's been tested before but we will do a more definitive test" but then he said he doubted there would be anything wrong but he just wanted to rule it out. Well we'll see, I'm waiting for the Endocrine Nurse to call and make me an appointment. Meantime the specialist fatigue clinic are giving me CBT. They said it might help me manage my condition though won't cure it....well I'll give anything a go. Will come back to this thread when I've had a look at the info you've pointed me too. thanks so much. I've been wondering about supplementing with Vit D though my levels have been tested and are in range.....watch this space.

I have wondered why people aren't tested for adrenals before going on thyroxine when every book says that if adrenals are out they should be treated before the thyroid. Well I'm learning all the time.

I hadn't heard of a hormone specialist before. Sounds great, so pleased he is helping you.
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You're right that all the literature says to check adrenals before thyroid meds, but the actual down and dirty practice world is different from the academic world. Doc's practice in the trenches and don't take the time cuz it's usually OK.

You mentioned CBT...not familiar with that, what is it?
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Would you believe I'm still waiting for that test! Chasing it up again today after an outrageous letter from my doctors indicated pretty strongly that they are a complete shambles there. (more info on my blog if your interested) thyroid-hope.blogspot.com

CBT is cognitive behavioural therapy, apparently has been helpful in some cases of fatigue syndrome, I''m up for giving anything a go. So far I'm learning that I may have a tendency to put in more effort to situations than they may require, constantly driven to over perform = exhausting, especially when linked with my weak immune system. They're not sayiing the fatigue is caused by stuff in your head, but they are saying that stuff in my head might be a contributory factor, who knows. :(
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