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taking remidies for adrenal fatigue

Hi, im posting here because i dont know where else to post, but anyways im trying this... http://blcopywriting.com/files/Shallenberger_allergy_insert.pdf                                            and if you dont want to read it, it talks about how adrenal fatigue can play a role with allergies, and it shows you some vitamins to take that are suppose to raise your cortisol level which can stop allergies, and i have been taking 1000 mg of pantothenic acid a day, 3000 mg of licorice herb a day, and i think 260 mg of adrenal extract (bovine). so my question is if this is dangerous to your health to be taking this much a day? i have been for about 2 weeks, and the past like 4 days my stomach has been hurting but im not sure if it has anything to do with this? thanks for your help
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I would stop the licorice for a while and see how you feel. It can raise your blood pressure higher than is good for you if you take it for more than 2 weeks at a time.
1000mg of B5 might be a bit too much. Try a little less of this. B5 is THE adrenal stress vitamin.
You are correct that allergies can disappear with adrenal support, if low adrenal hormones is the cause of the allergies. This was the case with my son. Unfortunately, he needed hydrocortisone to make this happen.
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I suggest reading dr wilson's book "adrenal fatigue - the 21st century health syndrome" , amazon has excellent reviews ... the book explains everything so nicely and ways to get back to health are given .

low adrenal can cause allergies , muscle pains , ibs , depression ,diabetes , etc

To boost immunity I also take transfer factor advanced plus capsules www.4tf.com , it's a revolutionary product .. do a google search
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   We also take Transfer Factor. My sister is a distributor of this product. This stuff works, not just to boost immunity, but, according to my sister, to correct faulty immune function. But it's so darned expensive! My sister needs it, but is self-employed and can't afford to take it as much as she would like.
It gets us through the flu season unscathed.
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Yeah, I think the licorice doasge is way too high for the long term.  The mega doses of herbs/nutraceuticals can be hard on some people's digestion.  Other good adrenal remedies are eleuthero root and medicinal mushrooms such as cordyceps.   I tend to get great results with a product called Envirelief, and you could probably combine it with some adrenal herbs for a better effect.

But one thing you can do is stop your current regimen and see if your stomach pain goes away.  If it does, start up your pills again and see if the pain comes back.  Good luck!

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