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what does this ACTH stimulation results mean?

Hi all,

Any ideas how to interpret this results of long ACTH stim test:

start 518 nmol/L  /185-624 nmol/L/

after 1 hour 721 nmol/L

after 2 hours 959 nmol/L

after 4 hours 1138 nmol/L

after 8 hours > 1655 - i guess the lab can not detect above 1655 so dont know what actual level is

after 24 hours 1225

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Can you put the ranges ?  No way of telling if the results are high or low.  Never seen results like this.  Are u in the USA?
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Hi faith63 - the range is awlays  /185-624 nmol/L/  - it seems high to you because i am from Europe and they use here nmol/L. But the main idea of this test /according to wikiedia article about ACTH test/ is that if the adrenals were not stimulated for long time from pituitary /hipopituitarism/ then the cortisol rises more than 2 -3 times from start. In contrast if you have non working adrenals no matter how much ACTH you give them the cortisol will not rise much. But my endo thinks that the result if fine because the cortisol rises more that 3 times. SO i dont know what to belive - this article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACTH_stimulation_test  or my endo.
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