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what is my REAL problem

First I am sorry for the length...but after reading posts here I am seriously at a loss.  I have had Hypo thyroidism since I was preteen..but started meds in my early teens,   I have had blood in my urine my entire life.  but no one knows why.  Had total hysterectomy in 98 so that rules out lady reasons. for over 25 years I have suffered with intestinal issues.  For the longest time they said it was just IBS D..  had 12 colonoscopies.. FINALLY they said I had Collagenous colitis.   yeah a diagnoses and meds that help.. OH but while doing a CT of my abdomen for intestinal issues they found a renal cell carcinoma in left kidney so had a radical nephrectomy.   along the way I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and an inflammatory autoimmune disease.  not sure which one as all test come back negative but being treated for non specific RA with Humira and they want to try methotrexate.  I have had an issue with my blood pressure tanking for a little over three years now..  low as 68/44, yep that puts me on the floor for a bit.   my heart goes bonkers or at least that is how it feels.  seen multiple cardio docs and there is nothing wrong with my heart at this time.   so I finally go to an Endo.  my thyroid levels have been whacky and hard to control for a couple of months too.   so all that I know for certain at this point is that my 24 hour urine cortisol test came back less that 1.   going for MRI of Pituitary next week.     I have most of the symptoms that have been explained here EXCEPT..   I can't seem to LOSE weight.. it just piles on or wont go away.   I have so many different specialists that want to try this and try that..   could all of this be from the adrenals or pituitary in the first place?     sigh..  just overwhelmed by all of it..  
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