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Anxiety disorder?

These few days, i have been feeling very tired. My eyes feel like they are closing and My head feels hot but i don't have a fever. I have been feeling chest pains and i notice i m sweating much often (quite abit) and i had hand tremors.
I feel quite weak walking too.

I have been to the doctor to check my chest pain - via ECG and my ECG is normal. The doctor also did a thyroid test and it is normal.

is this signs of  anxiety disorder?

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Given the absence of a diagnosis of a cardiac or endocrine problem, yes, it does sound like anxiety.  
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My sweat doesnt taste saltish too if this is helpful
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to add on, the doctor prescribed me vit B plex, but it doesnt seem to work =/
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oh is there anyway to treat it? Vit B plex doesnt seem to make me active.
to add on: i feel that my eyes are very tired and i feel i cant really think.
my sweat doesnt taste saltish too

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Dear Jason,
I have been suffering from anxiety for a few years now, since my best friend got killed in a car accident. Since then, my lifes been like a rollorcoaster. I find it hard to work full time, as I will suffer with feelings of vertigo, and dizzyness as a result to my anxiety and panic disorder. I sometimes drink to rid the feelings that I get, which I know isn't healthy.
I wondered if you could suggest some things which can help me get my life back on track again?
I have suffered with depression, I was on cipralex for three years, I recently came off it, and I still feel bad. I have feeling of low mood every day on and off and it's really agrivating as I just want to get on with my life.
Please message me back with any advice.

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