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Can adults with special needs be active in a community group

Is there a way to involve an adult with special needs in a group like Moose or Elks? Do they feel even if they can't do a lot of the activities?
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I'm not sure what the groups, Moose or Elks are or what you mean by them.

But as for people with special needs I can help with. My best friend had the opportunity to work at a summer camp with a camp-full of special need people.

I too, can relate to those who have special needs. Why? Because I also have special needs.  Well, at least a certain type... aka Asperger's Syndrome.

Those who have worse special needs, mental or physical may & some will have different outcomes.

But there is definitely a way to involve such people! Whether or not they can do a bunch of the activities depends of what they got of course...

Basically, befriend them! Talk to them and include the person in your group even though they may not technically be able to 'do' any physical activity that you're doing.

Some people with special needs benefit from the simplest things... like talking to them as I mentioned, softly tossing a ball to them (even though they may not be able to catch it)

It's at least Something to include them to either verbally or non-verbally let them know that you care and that they are needed to make the group whole and that they -do- make a difference to your team.

=) Yeah, it sounds like it's extreemly easy, and I'm sure it is at times.... but depending on the special needs of each person I'm sure it can just as easily turn difficult...

Patience, understanding the person has special needs, and caring will help you to involve the person as much as you can and still make a huge impact on their life!

And it's a bigger impact than you think.... just a simple talk or action can brighten the world up for them. =)

I know it helps me sometimes even though most of the time people don't know I have what I have! ;)

But all-in-all I hope my lengthy answer will help you!
God bless you always,

Angie W.
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Don't know about Moose or Elks, but Shepherds Home is a great place for adult with special needs.  http://www.shepherdsministries.org/
Also have a group called Achieve in our county that helps find work and bus rides to work, and group home living, but not as good a home placement as the first suggestion.
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Absolutely - adults with special needs are welcome here always!

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