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Daughter with downs syndrome

My 23 year old daughter who has downs syndrome was married not long ago.  She and her husband both have mental disabilities.  Today they informed me they are trying to have a baby. I'm sick with worry. Neither cam take care of a baby so I of course will be doing it. I'm in no place to raise another child, but she says it's their right. What do I do?
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To say they should be sterilised is disgusting! Many adults with downs syndrome go on to have children and with support they can make fantastic parents!! It all depends on the individual.. at the end of the day theres plenty of people without a disability who aren't capable of being parents.. All you can do is talk to her and tell her your concerns.. tell her how difficult it will be..
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It's always difficult, but your reasoning is key: with support!  What kind of a world are we socially engineering? I think if they are a happy, healthy,thriving and devoted couple, they stand a good chance of sustaining and nurturing a healthy offspring. The child would be a product of all influences, just like anybody!
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Report her she should be sterilized. Sounds bad, but they can't be reproducing.
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