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My wife

Noticed my wife is very non attentive. just married a couple months ago. still love her but always noticed shes unenthusiastic about things. seems very drained. doesnt seem to listen well at all in conversations. in the middle of talking she could focus on a noise outside more than she can me. she says random things that make no sense. and doesnt understand basic feelings in life. very hard 4 her to relate to others. ive heard of something called aspergers syndrome. is this possibly it?
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Yes , could possibly be , my friend has a son , with that , maybe try counceling & cuddling
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I think you may want to have her check with a doctor, because it does sound like that, but even if it's not then it's still not normal and she should know what it is and get help for it! Just stand by her and help her get through it :)
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Maybe she needs some excitement!  Take her to do something SHE likes to do...she could just be really bored with the converstations.  Maybe she feels like once married, the intimacy and affection has changed or shifted and the "thrill" of the chase has dwindled.  Add some spice...let HER do some of the talking.  Listen to the "random" things she is saying...if you do...you just might be able to read between the lines.  
Do you ever mention to her that you think she has something medically wrong with her? That in itself is enough to send someone into a deep depression or make them unresponsive.
Was she like this BEFORE the wedding?  Does she suffer with depression?  Has she recently stopped any antidepressants?
before assuming she has a disease...please try some simple, loving remedies that I mentioned in the beginning of this reply.  If there still seems to be a serious communication problem...ASK her if she feels IF something medical is going on.
Good luck to you and your wife.
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Thanks to everyone 4 ur replies.and to the last post.its not really attention thats the issue. i show her all the attention in the world. theres a problem somewhere. she has a terrible temper. an almost under a minute attention span. the random things she says makes no sense. no way of reading into them
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From what you are saying it sounds like she has ADD or ADHD.
Talk to her doctor and tell him of your concerns.

Ask her if she's always been this way. If she says she's "normal" then this could be her problem. If it only started recently then it could be depression.
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she may be needed more love and attention from your side, your should give extra time and make some attraction for her. i think you try to keep here more attached emotionally with you. but if the problem remains same you should get her to specialist.
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My husband has aspergers it does soundalot like it there are online  tests, and professionals that diagnose but that starts at 1800.00. If its not an issue for you and it doesn't. Affect her job or daily life a whole lot than the only thing to do is talk to her and figure it out together or it will be a long 60 years.being married to someone with aspergers is hard and there will be times that you feel it is hopeless. But if you love her than you will find a way to make her thrive.
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Does she not get hints and clues,
she says random, inappropriate things
Get nervous around people
Throw tantrums over not stirring something properly,or acts 12
Extreme ocd only on certain things
You can always take the test for her online,  but if she doesn't know you need to talk to her the longer you wait the harder it will
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