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Need help with 3 scenarios

I am having trouble answering these 3 scenarios.You are assuming these are adults.

1. Mike has resisted getting on the bus for several days now. While the group waits at the bus stop, he paces nervously and tries to talk you into driving your car instead of using the bus. Once on the bus, he talks too loudly and says very inappropriate things. However, once the bus ride is over, he is fine and enjoys buying a Coke from Mcdonalds. What things would you try to encourage Mike to show self-control and behave appropriately while waiting or riding on the bus?

2. Mary is mildly retarded, and will not join the group who are taking the front of the lawn of the community center. Instead, she remains seated on the bench and ignores your request that she come and work. What would you do to encourage her to participate?

3. While walking in the community, John tells you that he is hearing voices, and that the voices are telling him to lay down in the street. You know that he takes medication for his mental illness and has been psychiatrically hospitalized in the past. What would you do about this situation?
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try asking Mike the reason why he does not want to board a bus. there can be many reasons and from that we can get another answer. at times u can not talk out a person to do something when u do not know the root cause.

tell Mary the positive things in joining the group or else again like Mike, finding the reason why she hesitates.

The good thing he tells you.i know its heard but that is not good at all. am a christian and he is not making up that. those voices are misleading him .try to tell him positive things whenever you are with him and let him not watch scary things. can you tell us more for better answers. thanks
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ok, so it sounds like mike has a phobia of being in a small place with a lot of people and this causes him to panic which in turn causes him to behave inappropriately, maybe he would be more comfortable with walking if it is a short distance or if the bus is definatly necessary try explaining to him that he is going to be fine and the bus is a normal way to travel, keep him close to the door where he can see an exit point and this should calm his nerves and he should begin to feel comfortable travelling by bus and his inappropriate behaviour should gradually stop but remember patience is definatly needed. mary needs to be encouraged and slowly introduced into working in a group, her mild disability is causing her to hold herself back as she does not feel comfortble being part of a group, maybe she would be more comfortable working in a smaller group and then gradually you could build this group up to include everyone, slow and steady, you dot want to frighten her by puttinh her in  sutuation that she cant handle, dont try ad force her. johns situation is slightly more complex, he has been psychiatrically hospitalised in the past for his mental health and is now on medication, i suggest a review of his medication to see why he is still experiencing voices telling him what he should do. hope this helped in any way.
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