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Parents can't handle my brother

I need help and suggestions for my parents.  They are late 60's-70, and my 30 year old brother with special needs lives with them.  He is killing them slowly.

He qualifies as high functioning mentally retarded.  He gets in trouble with the police for little things like shoplifting, and has been to jail a few times longest he had to stay was a few months.  He has a pot and pill problem that has progressed to needles.  He has been in and out of rehab programs a few times and nothing works.  

He needs nearly constant supervision or he does something to get in trouble.  He has had a car and a job, but can't seem to keep either.  He gets fired for doing things like wandering off for 3 hours and being found sitting in bushes smoking for 3 hours while on the clock.  He was supposed to be pushing carts at a grocery store.

They live in FL, and no one they or I have found even had any ideas, yet alone been able to help.  I have tried to get my parents to look for a more restrictive environment for him like a group home or facility.  He receives nearly no SS and my parents can not afford much of anything.  I think he needs much more structure.  My parents feel like sending him somewhere will be abandoning him.

I belive either he will kill my parents, either with his direct action or indirectly, or go to prison any day now.
Please help me before I have to bury my parents which will make me kill my brother.
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Yes I agree help is definitely needed, you say he is on SS there are programs through the SS office that can help such as a Case Worker , honestly it sounds like he needs to go to a therapist to try and help him as well, with the problems you are describing I am surprised the state hasn't stepped in to help, the police won't be much help except to lock him up like a criminal but it sounds like he really doesn't understand fully his actions and he does need a structured environment ....  here is a web address with different information about some help in your state , I HOPE IT HELPS
                                                             http://www.ehow.com/info_8181017_agencies-mentally-disabled-people.html                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       God Bless
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GET HELP NOW.  Notify police that you have reason to believe your parents are in grave danger.  Maybe through the police, you can not only get protection for your parents, but something done to have your brother cared for in a more positive environment for him.  Blessings - Blu
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According to this history it appears as Learning disability, behavioral problems and possible personality disorder. Other question is that whether he is smoking cannabis.What ever it is, following are possible helps.
1. Medical management with anti psychotic drugs
2 BEHAVIOR therapy
3 rehabilitation in a long stay unit
4 social support -GO/NGO
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