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Plans for the holidays?

What's everyone planning for the holidays, whichever you celebrate?

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I wanted to see my parents. I haven't seen my mom since I moved to my grandma's, but *sigh* fate doesn't have it for us...  The weather spoiled our plans... So I guess there won't be anything really exciting this Christmas for us to speak of.
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Sorry my friend...thats hard ,,wish you could be with Mom ...have you looked into flights they are increadable cheap ones for last minute I dont care where I sit tickets,,hubby goes on cheap flights dot co m.  seen tickets for flight from Detoit to Tampa for $29.oo  flights from here ti NY for $20  unreal they want a full plane so last minute tickets are almost given away..look into it I wrote web site like i did so they dont delate it ..get what I mean right?? hugs  
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I wish you could get to spend the holiday with your mom. I know you've had some bad weather where you live too. Any chance she could come see you?

If it doesn't work out, just try to make your own special day with your grandmother. Is ther something that both of you enjoy that you could do together?

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My mom works today, so that can't be. I still keep my hopes up for the future, but I don't know when it will happen. My dad has no car. (his broke down.) That leaves my sister and mom with their cars. Neither are able to part with them.

I don't know. Dad wishes I can go on the bus or train by myself, but I have horrible anxiety at the thought of waiting at the stop, knowing what bus to take and when to stop, what directions to follow, etc... I feel scared. I'm afraid of getting lost, zoning out and missing the stop or the bus, plus afraid being alone that something bad would happen...especially being a lone female...

But it seems so far that would be the only way it could happen and since I'm not going anywhere by myself for those reasons I described, it just won't happen...
:( *sigh*

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