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Tragic events in western PA

This week was a rough one in western PA. One young man who received services from my agency for most of his life was stabbed ot death by a neighbor over a silly argument. He was to graduate high school in June. He was a special needs student and a sweet young man.

The next day there was an accident where a coal truck and group home van collided, killing 3 individuals with mental retardation and some of their staff.

That same day, a man with a long history of mental health issues entered the bank 2 doors down from my office with a homemade bomb strapped to his chest, and held hostages. SWAT teams were brought in. We were not allowed to leave our building for hours. Thankfully it ended with him not being injured. He had just suffered a heartache form his girlfriend and was quite distraught.

That night another with MR whom I work passed away from cancer. Thankfully he was able to pass at home in his mother's arms rather than in a hospital. He and his mother were all each other had.

It has been a very sad week for me and my whole office. It's very ewasy to get down in times like this, as I love every one of the people I work with and for. Keeping my chin up though. I am hoping that the weekend brings no drama, only peace and more importantly safety.

Thanks for listening

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