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What I can give an alcoholic patient (80yrs) who does not have an apetite.

He is 90yrs. Takes ensure (13g protein) in the morning n afternoon. Ensure blended together with fruits.He takes about 4-5 glasses of whiskey (on the rocks) through out the day n takes three naps in between. His day ends at 5-6pm. He just does not have an appetite to eat. If given crackers cheese n salami,two is the max he will take.oh and he smokes while drinking. A glass would take him an HR to finish..
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I think at this point the ensure is fine or a power bar or drink with 20g of protein and a meal replacement type so it has vitamins too. We have a 94 year old mother in law that we let her eat what she wants other than the protein drink. She does drink water. So try to get him to drink water and any think he likes especially if it is nutritious. I don't think you will change his eating habits or anything and you are doing the best you can. Maybe offer very small amounts of things. Try eggs and sausage, or cereal or a couple of shrimp and any veggie he likes any way he will eat it. Water is important. Alcoholics don't like to drink it. But try to get him to take sips now and then. What about humus on the cracker or yogurt? Just a bite or two, even chocolate flavored yogurt. Whatever flavor he will eat.
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