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What to do now?

I have multiple medical issues, but most at least I have a direction to head in...Basically, I had lots of problem going through school - some (actually most) had to do with learning problems, other were behavioral issues, at least in part due to constantly being the blunt and of someone joke, mostly joke about physical disabilities I have..  Anyway, there were quite a few health issues that should have been dealt with then, but were not; some medical some psychological, and it's a lot to get in to, but basically I just had absolutely no desire to do anything about any of it myself till now (well maybe enough to get by, but I mean really go after a full treatment) and I am 43 years old now - and I KNOW there are lots of times my brain is not working like it should be - and no nothing dangerous, just more like --- well, the types of though reactions, exc. you would expect from someone much younger (like mid teens - late 20s) but there is nothing wrong with how "smart" I am- the dilemma...Where to really turn and not feel silly about it - I do already have a specialist involved to a point, but he is just treating an anxiety problem, with medication only (That's what I meant be minimal amounts just to get by).  I just feel kind of silly just starting to think about this now - and somewhat let down that nothing was done like 25 - 30 years ago like it should have been - if not sooner than that.......
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Have a word with your doctor to refer you for counselling.

As you have a lot of long term issues, the right counsellor will help you deal and or come to terms with the issues that you are carrying.

Best wishes.
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