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Anxiety, depression and fear.

A year ago, I landed myself a trip to the psych ward for three days due to a nervous breakdown. I've been on meds since. The process to find proper medical help has been time consuming. I have developped panic attacks due to all of this and now my anxiety and stress as well as fear, is interfering with me moving on with my life. I used to be very outgoing, fearless and full of energy. Now I feel just the opposite. I need help so that I can move on with my life and heal. I don't want to be like this anymore. I want a sound mind and fearless heart again. Please help. I have been on 300 mg of Lithium as well as Ativan when needed.
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Hi& Good Morning.  Lithium is a very good mood stabilizer. What was your diagnosis? There are forums here for all types of mental disorders Pamela
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Have you figured out the "triggers" ? The things that put you into an emotional tailspin?
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Hi Pamela,

I was diagnosed Bipolar, but later on I was re-diagnosed with OCD. Honestly, I feel all of this malfunctioning happened after I had the breakdown and started and stopped the Lithium for some time. I did it suddenly and then I started having panic attacks left and right - something that I was new to, but that I feel was triggered because the med was removed from my system so drastically. So I went back on it, and this Summer I was given three more: Trazadone, HydroOXYzine and Abilify. I was going crazy. So I stopped them cold turkey, but I feel they affected my nervous system tremendously. I feel I have a lot of fear, especially of having more panic attacks, so that always keeps me on my toes. And then I also have a lot of anxiety during my sleep and have woken up many times with horrible panic attacks and feeling that my mind is not "all there". I know a lot of that has to do with the fact that I was sleeping and then woke up suddenly because of something that was triggered in my subconscious.


I have a few but they have increased due to the fear I have of them happening. I know they won't, but because of my debilitated condition, I am way more susceptible to being affected by anything that otherwise whould've been swatted off at the beginning. I don't want to go into details but it has to do with self harm because I heard something on the radio and it's been recorded in my mind since. I think that is the root of the trauma, and I know healing is available, I'm just having a difficult time accepting my frailty at the moment. I am seeing a therapist, but it's been months (6 months) that I haven't seen a Psychiatrist and I've had to go to the ER several times for meds. In fact, I am going tomorrow to the LA USC Medical Center to get my Lithium refill. I just feel that panic attacks are so random, that I am almost always on the lookout, causing more anxiety and therefore more restlessness. You see, it's a vicious cycle! I just want peace and for my mind to function how it used to.
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