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Anxiety/Aspergers - Medication: Propanalol, Amitryptaline, Metazapine, Fluoxetine

So I was born with Asperger's and have major bouts of social anxiety. I've been off and on various medications over the years, currently though I have been on 80mgs of Propanalol for four years and 75mgs of Amitryptaline for two months. My new Psychiatrist changed me to Fluoxetine 20mgs and Mitazepine 30 mgs, my GP noted that Propanalol in combination with one of these two new meds can cause heart blockage, so I've gone down to 40 mgs of Propanalol for the last two days and will go down to none as of today till Monday, when I will start the new medication. So far even cutting down to 40 mgs has made me feel racy, panicky, anxious with some really harsh migraines. My question is, for those who know better than I, is there anything I could replace the Propanalol with that I can ask my GP about? Or should I just ride this out?

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