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Best anti-depressant for anxiety

Hi everyone ive been suffering from anxiety for 8 weeks now. It has been bad enough to stop me from going to work or going out with friends. It started after having some LSD. The anxiety dissapeared for 2 weeks but has been pretty constant for 4-5 weeks. Ive been on valium and doing theropy. Also ive tried  acupuncture and chinese herbs. I think i will opt for a mild anti-depressant. I get bad stomach pain, dihorea and headaches. Any suggestions would be appriciated. Thanks
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Wow... it's odd that LSD did this to you, but some people it really does have a horribly negative effect on.  Paxil is known as the best SSRI out there for agoraphobia and social anxiety.  It had a paradoxical effect on me when I took it.  Prozac made it impossible for me to sleep when combined with my ADD meds, but Zoloft helped a bit I believe.  

You need an SSRI for this... so I'd not take Wellbutrin or any of the tricyclic class of anti-depressants.

Valium doesn't seem like a good option, and I'd ask for Klonopin which has helped me immensely.  Avoid Xanax unless Klonopin doesn't work, because it's quite addictive and typically leads to more problems(even the extended release which my ex was hooked on.)  Klonopin is given for panic attacks, social anxiety, and sometimes agoraphobia.

Question:  Were you on Lithium or any med similar to it or a tricyclic anti-depressant when you took the LSD(or any other drugs?)  Other chemicals are the only reason I can see that you're having this reaction so long after just taking it once.  Post traumatic stress disorder couldn't be caused after doing it once unless you just took far too much or some really bad sh!t.
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I wasn't on any other dugs or medication when i took the LSD. About 10 other people also took the LSD and some had upto 3 times what i did. Everybody else felt fine after it. I had a good time while on the drug, it was about lunch the next day when when i felt sick and anxious. Agrophobia just came up auto when i posted this, i feel more like GAD. Ive had LSD before with no side effects. Just feel anxious and depressed most of the time now. Thanks
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No problem...  the thing about LSD is apparently some people can only take it a certain amount of times before having side effects(others like Dr. Timothy Leary can take it into their late 80's.)  I'm sure you'll feel back to normal eventually, if I were you, I'd try something different like working out or jogging.  Since you're anxious, hit the track really late...  or if you join a gym, get there before the sun rises, lol.  

Just try to eat right, get enough sleep, and not focus too much on it.  I've had agoraphobia around 3 times... where I couldn't leave the house, and had no idea why.  I think maybe lots of people get it(usually due to coming off drugs, booze, or whatever)and just don't talk about it.  Good luck...
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Thanks for the reply, Ive been playing soccer once a week and i am normally pretty active. It just seems a really long time to be having a LSD hangover.

I have also quit smoking and am only drinking lightly on the weekend. I have also been doing some acupuncture and Chinese medicine. Doesn't seem to be getting any better after 8 weeks now.

Not to keen on taking SSRI's as Ive herd some nasty stories about them but I'm starting to run out of options. Cheers for the support
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I too experienced panic, actually during taking LSD many years ago. It opened a channel of thinking I was not familiar with and have been dealing with anxiety since. Biggest mistake of my life taking that crap. I posted a list of things I find helpful on the anxiety forum but if you come across anything please let me know!! Zoloft does help some and I use xanax as needed and have never become addicted. one bottle of 30 lasts me a year.
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