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Fear Of Using Public Transport

Hello Everyone
After many years of suffering Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks ive  now become fearful of using public transport..i feel a panic attack coming over me at the very thought of using a bus or coach and i cant bring myself to board one!!!!
Is there anybody out there that suffers these problems??

Hope To Hear From Someone

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The first thing to do it get a good general physical. Paranoia is hard-wired. It is a lizardian response dating back hundreds of thousands of years. Mother nature never does nothin' for nothin. Paranoia has survival value. It also often develops with aging.

A little bit of valium will help, but doctor's go nuts these days if you ask for a valium script. Valium has a phenomenal safety history. Other drugs, especially lithium cause what is called tardive dyskinesia.

A systemic illness or depressed immune system is a common cause. A slopw brain bleed is another. Before going to a psychiatrist, think along these lines.

Stress is another possibility. I did not believe this, but decades ago I had a tremendously stressful incident involving loss of life, and for about ntwo weeks, couldn't get a bus, train or airplane. I forced myself to do so, and the symptoms disappeared. Before that time I honestly did not believe people who said they experienced this.

Good luck.
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YOU ARE NOT ALONE.  See a doctor about this if you haven't already, and get into counseling as well.  This sort of phobic 'pop-up' occurs in ALOT of people with anxiety.  As for myself, if I go out, I MUST be home before dark - I have it in my head that something bad might happen to me if I am not home when it's dark.  So, your fear of public  transport is not unusual.  What is it ABOUT getting on a bus that you find disturbing, exactly?  If it's being confined with alot of strangers, you might be able to reason it out: really, you will not be on the bus for long.  There are plenty of windows.  Know that you can ask the driver to let you off at ANY TIME.  And it is VERY unlikely that the people will do anything bad to you - just keep your belongings close, hold them or put them close where you can see them.  Jacket pockets are easy to pick-pocket.  Put 'pocket items' into a small bag you can hold.  Sit where you can see everyone, preferably with no one behind you.  Go slow - take the bus for a block or very short ride, until you are comfortable with that - bring a friend with you if possible.   Then try for trips a bit longer, then longer, always remaining comfortable, until you can ride the bus anywhere. :)
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this is the one major down side of anxiety. I have never been abroad , on a plane, boat bus anything. and I am 67, its not the people or the fear of unown  its I cannot  not be in control, i would rip out the side of the plane to get out because the control of the situation is out of my hands .  it usually  starts with wanting the toilet over and over .  Yet i can drive myself for hundreds  of miles  without a thought just because i am in control . I have not missed the places i haven't seen because i haven't seen them ??get me . Instead i drive a fast fiat 500 Abarth remapped  to 180bhp like a boy racer.  I no every nature location round me in England NEWSTEAD ABBE Y the home of lord Byron is 4 miles from me so is Sherwood forest , robin hood and many stately homes, i no every british bird by heart . I DONT THINK I HAVE MISSED A THING IN MY LIFE , I HAVE SEEN MUCH MORE THAT MOST WHO HOLIDAY ONCE A YEAR
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Thank you for your response ... i will take on board what you have said and Good Luck To You
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Hello And Thank You For Your Response
Its always good to know that your not the only person who suffers these phobias/fears though i obviously feel for anyone that does.
I really dont know the reason why i fear boarding a bus,even the very thought of using public transport makes me feel so anxious.
I have also had and still have counseling about my mental state of mind...but so far to no avail :((
I guess i will just have to keep battling along and maybe just maybe one day i will make the move :))
Very Good Luck To You
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Thanks For Your Response :)
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