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Finally No More Panic Attacks But Still Bouts Of Anxiety. Is It Normal?


I was wondering if there are more people that no longer suffer from panic attacks, but used to. From probably around 2011 I began having massive panic attacks in the car and in public spaces. It started out of nowhere and without a good reason. I still don't know when or where it started. I think it creeped in over time after a stressfull period.

It got to the point where the physical sensations where just unbearable. At first I could cope and push through but after a while it was just too much. The only safe place was home and I started living like a hermit for years. It was terrible.

I have tried medication and it worked somewhat with the anxiety but it actually made me feel depressed and miserable instead of anxious. After a while I had to stop with the medication because the depression was so unbearable.

Luckily my husband decided to get help for me because I started getting more depressed and losing more hope by the day that things would ever get better. After reading a review on feelgoodreviews.com on the Linden Method we decided to give it a try. Luckily it helped with the panic attacks to the point where I would estimate that 95% percent of the symptoms are gone.

I still feel some anxiety but it's nothing compared to a full blown panic attack. I was wondering if this is normal and if it will ever get away? Has somebody succesfully treated their panic disorder, maybe with cognitive behavorial therapy or group therapy and still suffers from small bouts of anxiety? I really could use some reassurance that it's normal because I'm still affraid that the panic attacks will creep back in one day.

Thanks you :)
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You have the some Problem Just like me.I had panic Attack on 2013.What is left Is The Anxiety s.It happened When I must go out.if just A feelings that they is something is Going on in my blood,my stomach will run out for me.feel like my Mind will be Crazy.does that happened to you?
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