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God help me!

I am so tired of feeling alone, can someone give me advise?
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I can really relate to that right now.

My name's Rosie and Im 20 weeks preggers, how far along are you so far and how have you been feeling?
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I know its rough dealing with agoraphobia. I can make some suggestions of things to do online like: join a chat room, go to youtube.com and look up people's video's who have the same problems as you. Maybe you'll make a friend who understands that way.

I know it can get old and be a constant struggle. Just know that you are not alone.
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I have had agoraphobia before, it is awful. I found that reading the book, Hope and Help for your Nerves helped me lots, I wore out my first copy and bought another one, it can be purchased, I believe, through Amazon.com. It is so easy to read and understand, it is like the author is sitting next to you talking.

I am a member of a lovely Christian forum, if you are a Christian, or even if you aren't, you are welcome to join. Just go to Christian forums.com. There are lots of neat forums there, I have seen some great friendships start there.
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Rekindle good relationships is a start, taking walks in the sunlight can help, going to a good church, it's a good time to get involved and try new adventures like traveling or experience beneficial hobbies
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